ICYWW: These Are the Exact Products 4 French Makeup Artists Would Buy at Sephora

French beauty is always a topic of conversation among beauty enthusiasts. What are they using? How do they keep their skin so fresh and minimalistically beautiful? Well, based on our research, we know one thing for sure: simple skin-loving ingredients and makeup formulas are a major part of the equation. 


(Image credit: @aureliepayenmakeup)

We’re sure you already have a cabinet and makeup bag full of products. We do, too. But when it’s time to re-up on your next Sephora run, we want to share a few staples four French makeup artists would drop in their baskets if they were shopping. Below, our experts share everything from complexion products to zit-zapping balms that they use both in their kits and daily lives. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on what they’d pick up. (After all, they are the experts!)

The Artist: Carole Colombani, @carolecolombani

The Artist: Harold James, @harold_james

The Artist: Morgane Martini, @morgane_martini

The Artist: Aurélie Payen, @aureliepayenmakeup

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