The 25 Best Printed Skirts to Wear With Your Favorite White Tees

The arrival of a new season always comes with a variety of new and compelling trends to follow, and we must say, spring 2022’s skirt trends are where it’s at. From knit to transparent, high slits to the most micro of micro minis, there are plenty of options to choose from. But no matter which trends we choose to buy into, we’re most excited for the variety of prints we’re seeing pop up across all styles.

Whether you’re into spring classics like all-over florals and plaids or trendier prints like swirled marble and checkerboard patterns, this season’s offerings have a little something for everyone. To better prepare you for the impending warm weather and sunshine, we scrolled through our favorite sites to round up 25 of the best printed skirts of the season. Keep reading to check out our picks and, of course, shop them for yourselves.

Swirl Print


(Image credit: @nicole_huisman)

Floral Print


(Image credit: @mariejedig)



(Image credit: @hayet.rida)



(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

Animal Print


(Image credit: @xo.shru)

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