15 Random Princess Diana Outfits I Never Cared About Till Now

Some people are absolutely obsessed with the royals, including everything they wear, where they are going, who they are dating, and so on and so forth. I, on the other hand, am not. I mean I get it, trust me. The fact that anyone who is a royal is essentially untouchable stirs up weird feelings of obsession and wonderment as we all desperately try to get an inside look at the lives of the princesses, queens, duchesses, and more. I will admit that a lot of royals do dress well, especially Princess Diana. While that certainly is not news, after searching through archive images of the People's Princess, I found 15 outfits I personally had never seen before that really struck a chord.

The looks you're about to see here are each the perfect combination of classic and trendy. Each and every one of the outfits could be worn now and look fresh as a button. Take the below look, for example.

1. Structured Pastel Dress


(Image credit: Getty Images)

I can't quite put my finger on it, but it looks like something that Staud would or already has come out with. Everything from the coloring to the buttons to the strong shoulders and tailoring has me wishing I was wearing that dress as we speak. If you like this one, there are 14 other Princess Diana outfits ahead that will inspire you to draw some inspiration from the past as you build out the rest of your summer wardrobe and start prepping for fall. 

2. Hot Pink Blazer Dress


(Image credit: Getty Images)

This dress reminds me of a hot pink blazer dress I just bought and have been wearing nonstop. It's a bit shorter than this, but seeing Princess Diana in something similar solidified my purchase. 

3. Breezy Floral Situation


(Image credit: Getty Images)

I'm pretty sure this is a dress she's wearing, but many brands today have been churning out similar situations in a matching set form, and now I'm definitely buying one. 

4. Hot in Houndstooth


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Considering this is one of the biggest fall 2019 trends, you better bet your bottom dollar I'm taking inspiration from this look come the change of the season. 

5. Slime Time


(Image credit: Getty Images)

I love that we are all up in arms about the trending slime color, but Princess Diana did it first and, if I'm being honest, did it better. 

6. One-Piece Wonder


(Image credit: Getty Images)

This summer jumpsuit is everything I need in my life and more. It's breezy, easy to wear, and is clearly so timeless it hurts. 

7. Asymmetric Attire


(Image credit: Getty Images)

One-shoulder pieces are trending right now across the board, but most are reaching for those asymmetric swimsuits or tanks. Well, after seeing Princess Diana rock a one-shoulder gown, that will be my inspiration for my next event.

8. The Perfect Pair


(Image credit: Getty Images)

I would have never thought to perfectly match my socks to my skirt, but after seeing this look, I'm about to go on a manhunt to find socks that match all my bottoms. 

9. Casual Coat Styling 


(Image credit: Getty Images)

It's definitely too hot to wear a coat of this caliber right now, but when the air gets crisp enough, this will be my summer-to-fall transition look, dad sneakers and all.

10. The Perfect Slip


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Have you ever seen a more perfect slip? I thought the answer was no until I tried to find something similar enough to shop out and low and behold, I found the 80% off Paco Rabanne number below. You're welcome. 

11. '80s Suiting


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Strong shoulders, primary colors, and unique detailing—all elements that are required for the perfect '80s suit. This was a uniform Princess Diana lived in for a while. 

12. The Perfect Wedding Guest Dress


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Need a dress for all those end-of-summer fall weddings you're going to? Well, Princess Diana was the queen of wedding-appropriate frocks, and this one just happens to be my favorite. 

13. Minimal Moment


(Image credit: Getty Images)

I truly never knew a white coat, white pumps, and a contrasting necklace could look so special, but seeing Diana wear the combo here has me wanting to wear this to important meetings, nice dinners, and beyond.

14. Matching Head-to-Toe


(Image credit: Getty Images)

We saw a lot of designers send out fall 2019 looks that consisted of one color from head to toe, which makes getting dressed insanely easy. Once again, Princess Diana did it first. 

15. Everyday Chains


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Chain jewelry is one of my favorite trends right now, and if you look closely, you can see that even Princess Diana was able to incorporate the trend into even the most classic of looks. 

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