No Time for the Nail Salon? These Press-Ons Take 5 Minutes and Look Just as Good

For the last two years, you want to know what nails I've been wearing? Press-ons. Most people are shocked at my response when they ask me who my nail artist is, and I'm always happy to share my secret. I learned a few things about how to make press-ons go the distance because, unlike gel and acrylic options, water and oil can cause them to lift before you're ready.

How Do You Apply Press-On Nails?

So here are a few tips. The first one is to wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. Next, wipe down each fingernail with alcohol to remove any lingering oil from your nails. If you skip this step, your nails won't last very long. Lastly, make sure you hold the press-on down for at least 10 seconds to make sure the glue adheres to your nails. As for washing your hands, be sure to thoroughly dry your hands after each wash to prevent water from getting under your press-on. And if for some reason one pops off, always keep a spare tube of glue in your bag. Popping a press-on back on is easy, so there's no need to fret.

Now let's get into some of our favorite press-on picks for yo ur next at-home manicure.

We love this black-and-white reusable set with 24 nails, a dual-sided buffer and file, cuticle stick, and non-damaging nail glue.

Supporting indie artists is a must, and this nail artist does everything from neutral to full-on bling. Each set comes with 30 tips alongside a complete prep kit with two sheets of nail tabs, nail glue, a pusher, and a nail file.

French nails, but make them colorful. This vibrant set—featuring 30 nails—lasts up to three weeks and is reusable.

Long nails are *chef's kiss,* but we know everyone doesn't love them. These extra-short French tips with a neutral peachy pink base are made from 94% post-consumer recycled materials. The kit comes with 42 press-ons in 21 sizes.

If you're looking for a long-lasting alternative to other nail services, these reusable press-ons are bend and crack-resistant like acrylics but pop right on at home and can last up to 18 days.

Get in on the Barbiecore trend with this set of pink nails with a different hue of pink on each gel press-on nail kit that comes with 24 nails, a dual-sided nail file and buffer, and nail glue.

These aren't your childhood press-ons. This chip-proof, smudge-proof, and waterproof nude nail set features 28 nails, pink gel nail glue, and a mini file.

Alice + Olivia nails? Yes, sign us up. This special edition set featuring 30 nails with a neutral base and a butterfly design is only available at Ulta.

Ready-to-wear red gel nails? An immediate yes. With 28 nails and pink gel nail glue, you'll have stunning nails in minutes.

Are you ever too old for Hello Kitty? We think not. We love that these almond-shaped, waterproof nails give a classic hint of childhood nostalgia.

These glossy nails are a fan favorite. Rightfully, so. These long, waterproof nails can last up to three weeks. With 30 nails and 12 sizes, the set helps you find your perfect fit.

Nostalgia's calling. We love that you can wear this movie memory on your fingertips with a budget-friendly set of nails.

A matte black nail is a classic, and these gorgeous jewel-adorned press-ons give you the look of a salon mani.

We love these rose gold-hued nails because they're easy to reshape and can be reapplied for multiple uses. Each set comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes.

Just because you're rocking press-ons doesn't mean designs aren't an option. We love this press-on kit featuring cow print that comes with everything you need: A buffer, 10 custom press-on super gels, nail glue, and nail prep pads.

Nailcare Products I Love

Taking care of your nails at home is easier than ever these days. I can't do a home mani without this gentle cuticle exfoliator. The formula removes dry, overgrown cuticles in just two minutes.

Rocking press-ons give you an opportunity to have fun with nail designs and keep your nails their healthiest. These supplements are easy to take, and they’re great for strengthening nails, thanks to vegan biotin.

Having my collagen with my caffeine? Yes, please. This matcha is now one of my favorite things to have each morning, and my hair and nails are benefiting.

Finding a hand lotion that isn't too greasy is necessary with press-ons because oil can lift them. This fashion-girl favorite isn't all hype. Formulated with may rose wax, shea butter, and glycerin, the formula hydrates without leaving any lingering residue.