The Reviews Are In: These Are the Best Plus-Size Sports Bras

Whether you're racing to beat your PR, pushing yourself to the next level in Spin class, or getting deep into your yoga flow, you rely on your sports bra for support that will withstand whatever your workout brings. A great sports bra should feel comfortable throughout a range of motion, mold to your curves without constricting, and be free of pressure points and anything digging into the skin so you can breathe and move freely. An easy-to-wear sports bra that fulfills all of the above, while also ensuring you exercise in style, isn't always easy to find. To help streamline your shopping efforts and take the guesswork out of determining which bra will provide comfortable coverage and support, we've rounded up the best plus-size sports bras on the market right now. With stellar reviews and long lists of women who swear by them, these sports bras are guaranteed to support you through your toughest workouts.