This 10-Second Trick Just Might Get You Better Sleep


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Most of us have those nights when we're tossing and turning or those weeks when we can't seem to fall asleep or stay asleep for whatever reason. Getting a good night's sleep can feel like an unsolvable puzzle at times.

There are so many remedies and tips to try if you're having trouble getting some shut-eye. We've covered a lot of them before, like trading your mattress for a new one, getting some blackout curtains, trying a weighted blanket, investing in a sound machine, meditation… the list goes on. One other option that could help? Using scent to lull you to sleep. The National Sleep Foundation says that certain scents could be used as a tool to get you to sleep faster. According to the Foundation, the olfactory system (aka your sense of smell) is directly linked to the emotional center in your brain, so smelling soothing scents can cause your body to release relaxing chemicals that can help you in the sleep department. Some sleep-aid scents include essential oils like lavender, cedarwood, geranium, ylang-ylang, bergamot, sandalwood, and frankincense.


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You can try the scent-as-a-sleep-aid thing with an essential oil diffuser or even with a room spray, but another trick that might be effective is using a pillow spray. There are a variety of options out there that are formulated specifically for sleep. Just spritz on your pillow as you're getting ready for bed. It really shouldn't take more than 10 seconds to try it out. Take a look at some of our favorites below. But it's important to remember that if you are experiencing trouble sleeping for at least three nights a week for at least three months, you might have insomnia, and at that point, you'll want to go to a sleep doctor or healthcare professional to come up with a treatment plan or figure out if there's an underlying issue.

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