Don't Underestimate the Power of a Belt: 6 Outfits That Prove It

We all know the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit comes down to the accessories. Adding a great shoe or an unexpected bag can turn a fairly simple outfit into a look. Well, this season's pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the belt. 

Belts are by no means a new concept. But lately, it seems as if every outfit I have saved on Instagram includes a strategic belt that elevates the outfit. The simple act of adding one makes any outfit combination feel thoughtful—even jeans and a T-shirt. Whether it's a pop of texture or the juxtaposition of color at the waist, the right belt can completely transform an outfit. So if there's one accessory to lean into this spring, it's the belt. 

To help demonstrate their styling power, I'm highlighting six outfits where the belt steals the show. Here are the best outfits with belts to save for future styling inspiration. 

The best outfits with belts for spring



The way Débora Rosa used a thick black belt to break up the monochrome combination of white and cream added instant interest to her outfit. Adding black sneakers and a black bag to match the belt was just icing on the cake.

6 of the best outfits with belts



A popular styling trick from the early aughts is back. Sylvie layered a braided style belt over her sweater for a throwback look that feels surprisingly fresh. Of course, the sweater, skirt, and shoes would have been a chic outfit on their own, but the addition of the belt makes it much more unique.

The best outfits with belts



A chain belt always adds an elegant touch. Combining one with a silk slip dress feels both timeless and modern.  

The 6 best outfits with belts for spring



Here's another example where the juxtaposition of color turns a basic outfit into one worth replicating. Jordan Santos added a bold black belt to break up her all-white outfit for an artful styling choice that always looks chic. 

An all-white look is as classic as it gets, but Lorna's addition of a skinny neutral-colored belt makes this outfit feel complete. The cinched waist makes the look infinitely more polished. 

The best outfits with belts to try this spring



This timeless black spring outfit looks much more thoughtful with the finishing touch of a thick brown leather belt. Again, it breaks up the monochrome look and highlights the waist, a smart styling trick that's always flattering. 

This color looks so expensive. 

This double-wrap belt is a nice touch. 

An easy way to get in on the coastal-cowgirl aesthetic. 

This one feels vintage in the best way possible. 

The contrasting stitching is a nice touch.