The Secret Sources Where Fashion Girls Find Affordable Designer Pieces

When it comes to my wardrobe, I seem to consistently run into the challenge of my taste far exceeding my budget. As a fashion girl living in New York, I spend my days longingly staring at the Hermès scarf I absolutely need to wrap around my hair this summer, or the Prada sandals I desperately want to wear in Portugal, all the while knowing I can barely afford my rent here in SoHo. That doesn't mean that I'll give up on the picturesque vacation outfits currently gracing my Instagram, however…

Unfortunately, I've never been one for thrift stores. The idea of rummaging the racks in hopes of stumbling across designer goods may sound enticing to some, but it's my nightmare. That's why the rise of online resale sites like Vestiaire Collective is a dream come true. Sitting on my bed watching Gossip Girl reruns while searching for an Hermés scarf and finding it for half the price? Yep, taste and budget compatibility achieved. If you're also looking for key items this summer, online thrift stores are the affordable, accessible way to source them. Look no further than the 17 I've listed below!

1. Vestiaire Collective

The Hermès scarf mentioned above was successfully acquired through Vestiaire Collective, making all of my summer hair dreams come true. You can buy and sell designer goods on the site that are then verified by a strict authentication and quality-control process. My scarf arrived looking brand-new for a fraction of the price. 

2. The Real Real

The Real Real is the premier site for online luxury consignment with an exceptional and vast curation of luxury goods of all kinds. I like to approach The Real Real with a specific product in mind, as you can easily go down a rabbit hole if aimlessly perusing. 

3. Rebag

It's all in the name: Rebag focuses specifically on designer bags, with 50+ brands from Chanel to Gucci and more. Plus there's a cool swap program that's the equivalent of renting a bag. 

4. Depop

Depop is a global marketplace that allows you to connect with your friends and creative influencers to not only purchase goods they're selling (while selling your own), but also seeing what your community is purchasing to help you get inspired. This is the perfect place to sell all the goods you cleared out during the closet clean-up you just did in preparation for summer.

5. LePrix

Formerly SnobSwap, Le Prix is unique in that it offers access to a carefully curated selection of consignment and vintage boutiques around the world, all on one platform. Instead of having to scour the earth for tiny consignment stores where you may (or may not) come across a beautiful designer jacket, you can sort through them all from the comfort of your bed.

6. ThredUp

If you're looking for a unique vintage designer find, ThredUp is not for you. If you're looking for your favorite retail brands at 90% off, however, head to their site for brands like Lululemon, Madewell, and more!

7. Farfetch Vintage

If you're already a fan of Farfetch, this should excite you. The platform has a vintage section dedicated entirely to selling pre-owned designer items, including everything from accessories to dresses and shoes. Plus, they offer same-day shipping London, which is a major perk if you need a last-minute outfit for an evening out on the town. 

8. Les Fleurs Vintage

Founded by Instagram-favorite Maria Bernad, Les Fleurs was born in Spain in 2017 and offers unique vintage finds curated by Bernad herself. If you need any more motivation, just head over to her Instagram, which is flooded with stunning vintage looks. 

9. ASOS Marketplace

Surprise, ASOS has a vintage marketplace! Home to independent brands and vintage boutiques from across the globe, the marketplace offers an interesting selection where vintage '90s sportswear from brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Champion sit alongside new designs from international boutiques and artisanal jewelry.

10. The Vintage Twin

A personal favorite (and a favorite of Bella Hadid), The Vintage Twin curates vintage items from around the world and then reworks them into a completely new piece, creating new trends and ensuring no one will ever have the same design as you. Plus, 10% of the proceeds go to charity. Pro tip: Check out the retailer's Jeanius Bar at any of its NYC locations, where sales associates help you find the perfect pair of reworked vintage jeans that always happen to fit perfectly.

11. Treasures of NYC

I follow Treasures of NYC on Instagram, and its aesthetic speaks to its purpose… TNYC is made for the edgy fashion girl who isn't afraid to pair her Chanel slides with sweats and show her personality with her fashion choices. You can purchase goods directly through Instagram, making shopping the retailer's rare finds even more tempting.

12. LXR and Co.

I've purchased many a vintage designer good from LXR and Co. After a happy coincidence in which I stumbled into an LXR and Co. pop-up, I was sold on the pristine quality of the retailer's goods. Each bag is rated online to tell you exactly what you'll be receiving upon purchase.

13. 1stdibs

Finally—an online vintage retailer that sells more than clothing and accessories! 1stdibs boasts an incredible selection of everything from furniture to art and, yes, fashion if you're looking for that. I'll be heading to 1stdibs for the apartment of my dreams.

14. Luxury Resale Network

In case you haven't found your dream vintage piece yet, try Luxury Resale Network—another fantastic collection of curated goods that would normally be far out of budget.

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