The Most Elite Celeb Beauty Experts Just Approved These 16 Items for Your Vanity

I once described Violet Grey as "a unique, highly covetable mash-up between a Bugatti dealership and Cinderella's fairy godmother," and honestly, I still 100% stand by that sentiment. Violet Grey's sleek cloak of bottles, jars, and sprays is nothing short of magical, and the process of receiving the retailer's iconic seal of approval (aka The Violet Code) is rigorously competitive, to say the least. 



Unlike other popular beauty retailers, Violet Grey has its very own cohort of Hollywood experts and editors (from celebs to makeup artists to the world's best skin savants) specifically recruited and called upon to test, review, and rank the ever-evolving beauty market. Simply put, if a product isn't practically perfect (or, honestly, totally perfect) in every way, you simply won't find it on the retailer's website. 

Each and every month, our friends over at Violet Grey keep us abreast of the new edits and launches that have most recently gained their approval, and this month, the offerings were so good we simply had to share. From skincare to haircare to a bath foam so fantastic you'll refuse to leave your tub, we're sharing the best new beauty products to launch at Violet Grey this October. Keep scrolling!


An uptick in inflammation and redness is par for the course this time of year when temperatures begin to dip and there's less moisture in the air. This rich, highly reparative moisturizer contains a skin-nourishing blend of high-quality CBD oil, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides to cradle fall- and winter-struck skin with TLC. It doesn't include any comedogenic ingredients, so even those with acne-prone skin can use it with zero fear of congestion. 

If you have yet to try these bio-cellulose face masks from the beloved brand KNC Beauty, you're in for a treat this season. This handy set contains three different variations to provide every kind of pick-me-up for your complexion—use Big Drip for a hit of hydration, Big Glo for lit-from-within luminosity, and Big Chill for a cool-as-a-cucumber calming effect. 

If you're looking to incorporate some French luxury into your beauty routine but don't want to fork over an entire paycheck, we recommend shopping the cult-classic picks from Embryolisse. This lightweight serum effortlessly plumps dehydrated skin with essential moisture, and it just received the seal of approval from the VG squad. 

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for extra-soothing ways to de-puff, tighten, and detoxify my face and body, especially bag- and circle-prone areas like my under eyes, neck, jaw… You get the idea. So how brilliant are these two new cryo roller attachments from BeautyBio? Simply bop them on top of your trusty GloPro Tool ($249), and you can cold-roll your face or body to your heart's content. 

These products from Dr. Barbara Sturm aren't new, but this strategically compiled trio is! If you've been keen to try some of the brand's most-loved offerings but have (understandably) balked at the steep price points, this handy set allows you to try the expert-approved favorites before you splurge for the full-sized price. Plus, it's the trifecta of protection for fall and winter skin woes thanks to the Face Cream, the SPF 50-spiked Sun Drops, and the obsession-inducing Hyaluronic Serum. 

Dr. Woo is one of the most sought-after tattoo artists among the celebrity set (his clients include Justin Bieber, Drake, Miley Cyrus, and more), so you can imagine the anticipation and excitement that began to bubble once rumors circulated that he'd be launching his very own skincare line. Not surprisingly, each new product is designed with tattoo aftercare in mind, but your skin will crave the perks of his specialty line, inked or not. For example, this gentle, non-stripping bar soap is concocted with rich ingredients like coconut oil to keep your skin's dew point in the green zone 365 days a year. 

Not only does this special aftercare moisturizer contain ultra-cool (but literally) Waterbreak Technology to soothe skin and prevent moisture loss post-ink, but it's also chock-full of an ultra-reparative recipe containing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, chamomile, zinc, and bacteria-fighting sesame-seed oil.

FYI: This is not your average body moisturizer. It's clean and clear of fragrances, so even the most sensitive skin can proceed without worry, but it's exceptionally unique in that it simultaneously exfoliates dead skin while it hydrates, so you're left with clarified, perfectly balanced skin—tattoos or no tattoos! That said, if you do have them, you'll be especially appreciative of the ColorLift Technology, which helps maintain your tattoos with freshly inked finesse. 




If you've noticed that most dry shampoos on the market leave your strands feeling brittle, dry, and sometimes even more greasy or residue laden than you started, you aren't going crazy. (Many traditional formulas use drying alcohols and chalky powders that exacerbate, rather than improve, hair or scalp imbalances.) However, this plant-based number from Act+Acre is different. It efficiently sucks up irritating residue and odor while supporting healthy hair growth and a well-balanced scalp microbiome with essential minerals. 

Meet Sunday II Sunday, a refreshingly cool haircare brand developed by Keenan Beasley and specifically designed to address the hair and scalp needs of people who are especially active (i.e., sweaty) or who wash their hair on a less frequent basis. Each product helps salvage and replenish moisture loss, clarify a stressed scalp and strands, and prevent itch and irritation. Not sure where to start with the line? We're big fans of this apple cider vinegar and micellar water refreshing mist, which is the next best thing to an actual wash.

Complete with crème de la crème calming agents such as peppermint oil, ginseng, and cordyceps, this serum is the ultimate balm for a cranky scalp screaming out for an SOS.

Brimming with potassium-rich banana, antifungal coconut oil, and strand-fortifying biotin, this serum is specifically designed to keep edges as healthy and resilient as possible. 

For those inevitable moments when dry strands need a moisturizing pick-me-up, you can reach for this irritation-blasting spray, which melds a unique balance of argan oil, tea tree oil, and green tea extract. Your scalp and strands will be left smooth and shiny, and curls (if you have them!) will be reinvigorated and bouncy.

Bath & Body



Frankly, any fragrance the legendary nose of Frédéric Malle touches (and dubs worthy of bearing his coveted name) is something we want—scratch that, need—in our life (regardless of the vehicle). Violet Grey just welcomed three new items to its collection of Malle treasures, and this delicious candle is first up on our want list. Meet Country Home, an escapist dream from perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu. Is it a candle? Or is it a cozy Scottish hearth in the form of a candle? The mix of pine, cedar, balsam, and leather point to the latter.

Room spray reimagined, cult-loved scent Cafe Society is playfully packaged in an easy-to-wield spray gun to spritz your home with ambient notes of lavender, amber, and patchouli—a master mix inspired by a Parisian dinner party courtesy of perfumer Carlos Benaïm. 

Finally, one of the most iconic scents from Frédéric Malle, Portrait of a Lady, has become supremely bath compatible in the form of a deliriously luxe bathing foam. It's potent with lush notes of black currant, rose, raspberry, clove, sandalwood, patchouli, and frankincense—pour a few drops into your bath and sit back as it transforms into a creamy mousse.

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