Of the 8K Beauty Products on Net-a-Porter, These 24 Have Cult Followings

It was truly a genius move for Net-a-Porter to launch a beauty section six years ago. We all shop there anyway, so it makes perfect sense to have the option of adding a few beauty products to your cart after browsing the new shoe arrivals. Net-a-Porter's beauty section is vast yet highly curated, and as with the site's fashion items, I know that the beauty buyers take care in choosing only the most effective and innovative makeup, skin, hair, and nail products and tools—plenty of which are under the radar, while plenty of others have achieved cult-favorite status.

Having choices is great, but sometimes when we're faced with too many, we can't help but doubt ourselves. Since 8300 is a lot of beauty products to choose from, we sought the guidance of Net-a-Porter's global beauty director, Newby Hands. She gave us the scoop on customer favorites, the next big thing, breakout brands, and even what the Net-a-Porter staff buys. Keep reading for all the intel, and shop the 24 buzziest products from Net-a-Porter's beauty section.

What under-the-radar beauty brands have really taken off recently?

"We're seeing a lot of traction with Amy Jean Brows, Paula’s Choice, and Joanna Czech, specifically her Facial Massager."

Shop the On-the-Rise Brands

Celebrity brow magician Amy Jean created this velvety product to enhance brows naturally.

You're probably going to be recommending this brow groomer to all your friends soon.

Net-a-Porter says this is the brand's number one product (probably because it will leave you with glowing skin after each use).

This sunscreen packs a punch in the form of 12 illuminating, hydrating antioxidants. 

If you like jade rollers but want something a lot more high-tech and effective, you'll love this.

What do you think the next big cult item will be (in the vein of Vintner's Daughter)?

"Vintner's Daughter is launching a new Essence product, which I think will be a must-have item for spring."

Shop the OG Vintner's Daughter Must-Have

If you haven't tried this anti-aging, moisturizing elixir yet, I can confirm that it's worth every penny.

Are there certain products that you can't keep in stock?

"The Net-a-Porter woman loves the Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Primer and Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Highlighter, Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops, and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick."

Shop the Customer Favorites

This popular primer helps makeup go on better and keeps it in place.

I'm on board with anything that provides a "youthful radiance."

As someone who probably owns a dozen Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, I can confirm that this one is the most wearable.

What's the one beauty product every Net-a-Porter employee seems to own?

"Everyone at the office has been adoring the Slip hair ties, Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, and any of the 111Skin face masks."

Shop Net-a-Porter Office Must-Haves

Far prettier than those boring drugstore hair ties, don't you think?

If contouring intimidates you, this is the product to try. It's ridiculously natural and easy to use.

Net-a-Porter recommends using one of these after a long-haul flight or before a special event.

Shop More Cult Favorites From the Beauty Section

I know so many people who swear by this stuff when they don't feel like styling their hair.

Don't be alarmed by the price tag. I've been using the same tube for over a year.

By Terry is truly the holy grail of lip balms.

I'd heard so much chatter about this treatment that I bought it and am blown away by how brightening it is every time I use it.

One whiff of this light yet warm fragrance and you'll see why it's insanely popular.

This multitasking product is perfect for anyone who can't be bothered with an extensive skincare routine.

Found: a natural, beautiful glow that's very easy to achieve.

If retinoids are too harsh for you, this all-natural serum should definitely be in your cart. 

Don't forget to give those lashes some TLC on a regular basis.

This hand wash smells amazing and makes any bathroom it inhabits instantly chicer.

This dewy gel might make you consider ditching your powder blush.