This Random $13 All-Natural Sunscreen Has Over 2000 Positive Reviews on Amazon

Market research shows that as the two billion dollar suncare industry continues to grow, organic products will be the driving force. As consumers become savvier about the potential irritants and health risks of synthetic chemicals (especially when it comes to a product you use as much as sunscreen), beauty brands are listening. Now, in summer 2020, there are exponentially more all-natural sunscreen options in skincare aisles than ever before. (Natural, by the way, means devoid of artificial chemicals and fragrances that could harm your skin and the ocean.) So many, in fact, that sometimes the best products get overshadowed by the buzziest ones.

The following list is dedicated to those under-the-radar finds—the top-rated sunscreens you've probably never heard of. These 15 picks, all available on Amazon for $36 or less, have dozens if not hundreds or thousands of positive consumer reviews. They're total sleeper hits. Seriously—Amazon's natural beauty selection is low-key incredible.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the top sunscreen: the highly reviewed $13 pick with the most ratings of any other natural SPF on Amazon. 


This gentle, 95% natural sunscreen is super-eco-friendly (and effective). It's water-resistant, reef safe, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and provides protection for 80 minutes without running or stinging your eyes. Its ingredient list contains only 11 totally pronounceable things, including non-nano zinc oxide, in addition to green tea and vitamin E. Another plus: It comes in a reusable, recyclable tin. The product has over 200 Amazon reviews, and they're all glowing.


Over 100 Amazon reviewers say this reef-safe mineral sunscreen is ridiculously effective. "I purchased this for my very fair daughter. It is, by far, the best sunscreen we have ever used," writes one consumer. "We were at the beach for eight days and she didn't burn at all." Not to mention, it's free of parabens and fragrances, making it ideal for sensitive skin. 


Cute packaging alert. Nearly 300 Amazon consumers have given this organic mineral sunscreen rave reviews for its chemical-free formula, gentleness on sensitive skin, and staying power even on sweaty days. Some users do report that it leaves a white cast, but all in all the consensus is positive.


MyChelle's mineral SPF goes on smooth and looks transparent and matte on the skin. It's environmentally friendly and smells ever so subtly of coconut. Multiple Amazon reviewers agree: It is "the ONLY sunscreen I will ever buy." 


A Leaping Bunny–certified sunscreen that's free of earth-unfriendly chemicals, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and fragrances but comes in a convenient sporty spray bottle and provides 80 minutes of protection while swimming and sweating? You betcha. Over 200 Amazon reviewers are smitten with this natural alternative to many other water-resistant SPF formulas.


Using baby sunscreen is a clever option for organically minded sensitive skin types. This one is free of all the icky chemicals you don't want, but chock-full of SPF 50, and it comes in a handy spray bottle. Over three thousand Amazon reviewers are obsessed.


For only $9, this drugstore sunscreen offers everything you could want in an SPF product: a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula rich with oat-derived antioxidants, non-comedogenic ingredients (which won't clog your pores), and 80 minutes of sweat-resistant protection. More than 700 Amazon reviewers agree that the product "fulfills all [their] wishes."


Another slam-dunk natural spray sunscreen at a killer price point, Alba Botanica's silky SPF 50 contains hydrating, soothing ingredients like coconut extract, shea butter, and avocado oil but no oxybenzone, octinoxate, gluten, or synthetic fragrances. It's cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian. It has almost over 1400 Amazon reviews, most of which are glowing. 


More than 1,000 Amazon users are delighted by this sunscreen-makeup primer hybrid. "This was recommended to me by my dermatologist. I use Cotaz daily as a sunscreen and moisturizer. I absolutely LOVE this product. It feels so light and makes my face feel so silky," wrote one reviewer. "And I'm over 50, so that's saying a lot!"


Beauty by Earth is a luxurious natural skin and body care brand I'd never know about if it weren't for Amazon. This non-toxic sunscreen is beloved for its chemical-free formula, lack of white cast, and effective protection.


This is probably the best-known pick on this list, but I still had to include it. Hundreds of Amazon consumers dig Sun Bum's spray formula, which is earth-friendly, hypoallergenic, and enriched with vitamin E.


Here's another baby sunscreen formula that Amazon reviewers of all ages can't get enough of. Sunflower oil, beeswax, and vitamin E make the chemical-free formula super nourishing. It offers 40 minutes of water-resistant protection, and it smells incredible.


With almost a thousand reviews and a 4.5-star rating, Coola's matte face sunscreen has clearly stolen the internet's heart. Its mineral formula is sheer and light and works perfectly for combo and oily skin types.


Twelve dollars is a very reasonable price to pay for a sunscreen with over 4600 positive reviews. The featherlight mineral formula is packed with skin-soothing ingredients like Kakadu plum, tea tree, and aloe vera, making it perfect for irritation- and breakout-prone skin.


Here it is! The sleeper hit sunscreen that's captured the attention of over 2800 Amazon consumers. The reef-friendly, Leaping Bunny–certified, baby-compatible product is free of all the potentially harmful chemicals mentioned so far. It's gentle but highly effective and smells like orange blossoms. Overall a winner.

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