If Your Manicure Is Holding On by a Thread, This Product Just Might Save You


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As many of us know, a good manicure requires tons of upkeep. Whether you opt for extensions, press-ons, gel, dip, lacquer, or natural nails, keeping your nails looking their best is a challenge. No matter how many nail-growth supplements you take or how often you go to your nail tech, nails will be nails, which unfortunately means that manicure mishaps are bound to happen. Sometimes, we need to call in the big guns—that's where products like nail glue come in. 


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What is nail glue used for?

If you've ever gotten acrylics done, you're intimately familiar with nail glue, as it's what's used to make the enhancements adhere to your nails. "Manicurists use it to secure a plastic tip to the end of the nail bed in order to elongate the appearance and length of your nails," says Bellacures marketing specialist Rianna Basurto. 

Nail glue can also come in handy for breaks and splits. You can use nail glue to repair a broken nail before you apply nail polish on top. This is especially helpful if you don't want to cut every single one of your nails just because one of them broke. (We've been there!)

How do you apply nail glue?

It depends on what you're planning to use nail glue for. "For a hairline crack in the nail, it's best to use a precision glue," says celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards. "This allows you to control smaller amounts of glue right in the crack without spillage. For full-cover tips, I like a thicker glue, so I would recommend a brush-on glue. The brush gives you total control of the amount before you place on the nail." Keep reading for the best nail glues out there, according to nail experts. 


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