10 Reasons We Love Michelle Obama's Style

For the past decade, the world has been captivated by Michelle Obama, and not just thanks to her poise and way with words. The former FLOTUS has been blazing an iconic sartorial trail since she was first launched into the world's spotlight. From her very first inaugural dress to a sparkly Versace gown everyone talked about, the former first lady's inspiring fashion has enamored us all. Like no first lady before her, Obama looked to support emerging designers and to pay respects to others through what she wore.

In addition to her clever uses of sartorial opportunities, Obama's colorful sense of style was also just plain fun to see. Whether she was dressed in Jason Wu or J.Crew, we could expect something bright, colorful, and creative. In honor of the former First Lady's impeccable yet accessible taste, we're counting up 10 reasons we love her White House and post–White House style. Read on for a look at what's so special about former first lady Michelle Obama's style.

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