I'm 24, and My Mom Is 59—Here Are 30 Mango Finds We're Obsessed With

For most fashion people, the arrival of the holiday season means figuring out how to pack 20 different outfits into one measly suitcase. Although I'm no stranger to packing efficiently, I always leave some room in my suitcase when visiting my parents abroad in Europe. I have to note, the shopping—both new and vintage—is impeccable, with easily some of the best fashion deals you can find.

Naturally, with nearly 24/7 access to stores in an up-and-coming fashion capital like Madrid, my mom's style has started to give me (someone who quite literally shops for a living) a run for her money.



This year's retailer for my chic European mom? Mango, thanks to its effortlessly easy elevated basics and affordable trend-forward pieces. Although I didn't consider my mom "cool" back when I was discovering my style at 14, she's certainly one of my style icons now, and thankfully, her style is easy to replicate (and, of course, sneakily steal out of her closet when I see her over the holidays).

While the Spanish-founded brand has a solid footing in the United States, its American influence is nothing compared to the shopping experience in Mango's flagship store in Barcelona. During a three-hour shopping trip, my mom and I decided to challenge ourselves and find some of the best pieces both she and I could pull off despite a 35-year age difference and a chaotic mash-up of personal style. The result? A zero disappointment Mango haul for the ages. 

Below are all the stylish and trendy Mango pieces that trumped our generational divide.

We're both in love with black leather jackets, so this was a no-brainer.

While my mom's style tends to be more classic, these flared jeans with a statement seam felt reminiscent of her youth in the '70s, and she loved them as much as I did.

A layering tip from a European mom? Knit dresses are the best base layer, period.

This pleated shirt was still classic without being boring—something anyone at any age can appreciate.

Whether you're 17 or 70, everyone deserves a good-fitting blazer. 

These micro-heels aren't just easy to walk in, but they're also extremely adorable.

My mom's favorite year-round staple is a denim shirt, and I'm inclined to agree. 

Not only are oval glasses having a resurgence in 2023, but they're also an ode to the chic women of the '90s.

The best part about Mango is its array of chic basics. Although I'd wear this silk cami with a miniskirt to go out with friends, my mom explained she would wear it under a white button-down shirt. Either way, it's in both of our carts.

Quarter zip sweaters are my latest love and they go with any style.

My mom may or may not have borrowed my quilted jacket a few times on this trip, so she had to get her own.

This leather tote follows in line for one of my most anticipated trends of 2023: metallic bags.

These timeless pants are a must for both of us.

My mom's favorite purchase she made.

Everyone needs a new blazer for every occasion: including this bright red cherry hue for pops of color with monochrome fits.

We're both in love with the cargo pants trend.

It's no surprise turtleneck dresses are a hit among the chic European crowd—they're so easy to make work.

Rule number one of European style is to have your hands free at all times. 

Although these leather pants veer more on the trendy side, this chocolate pair was the object of affection for both of us.

Although I'm more receptive to my scuffed white trainers, my mom suggested I try out these ankle-length Western-esque booties and I'm not dissappointed.

A black jumpsuit doesn't have to be boring. 

For a little more modest showing of skin, my mom loves this lace Mango top.

The pocket detail at the front was an instant crowd-pleaser for the rest of our family. 

At almost more than half off, we instantly snagged this coat. 

When going a bit more formal, these knee-high leather boots are an incredible option over leather sneakers.

I've convinced my mom to go on the denim jumpsuit train.

Perfect for a celebrated après ski fashion moment.