I'm Really Obsessed With Zara, But Here's What I'm Buying From Mango

Before we begin, I have to give a shoutout to my colleague, Nicole, who came up with this story idea. Partly because I would feel guilty not giving her credit for it and partly because I'm scared of her. But I digress. To fill you in, I am weirdly obsessed with Zara. My Who What Wear family has deemed me The Zara Scout and constantly counts on me for updates on the brand. While I am still a major fan of the brand, every now and again I venture out into uncharted territory and browse other affordable retailers. This week, the one that caught my attention the most was Mango. 

Mango has never really been a store I buy things from necessarily but instead services me in other ways. For example, I head to the site to get creative styling ideas, to find affordable market for stories for all of you to shop, and to better understand certain trends. But this time around, I found myself adding pieces to my cart faster than ever before. Between the impeccably tailored separates, inexpensive strappy sandals, and the most stunning tie-dye pieces, I found myself so overwhelmed that I decided to write about it here. Hopefully, you'll agree that these summertime clothing items are abnormally charming, but if you don't, don't @ me.  

Ahead, shop some of my favorite summer clothing items at Mango right now. I can promise you, all the summer trends you've been searching for can be found at this retailer if they aren't specifically in the selection ahead. 

If I had a garden, I would waltz around in it wearing this. 

You can never have too many seashells or hair accessories. 

Wear your bathing suit as a top—it will free you. 

I love how subtle this tie-dye is. 

In case you don't already own a pair of strappy sandals. 

Scarf bag?! Yes, please. 

Not a huge fan of the bike short trend, but this is a look I'm more than down to try. 

Throw this on with jeans and call it a day. 

Anxiously waiting for this belt to be available to really complete the look. 

Like I said, you can never have too many seashells. 

Finally, I have found the perfect pair of tailored summer shorts. 

Meet your new favorite beach accessory. 

Very into this subtle print mixing. Also, Mango is killing it with the tie-dye, no? 

One more pair of strappy sandals because you probably need a pair in every color. 

This fluorescent trim is everything. 

I've never wanted to own a linen suit more than I do right now. 

Now this is what I call a chic knit set. 

Can someone please wear this on their next vacation? Because I'm not taking one anytime soon. 

Clearly, I have a thing for matching sets. 

Scarf prints are all the rage at Mango right now. 

Up next, find out why cropped pants are essentially dead

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