20 Long Sleeve Dresses That Will Make Getting Dressed Extremely Easy This Winter

Whether short, long, occasion or every day, there’s something just so simple about a dress. It's the flattering item that you can just throw on and go, leaving very little thought to mixing or matching. 

While I am traditionally much more of a skirt girl myself and do have a thing for vintage jeans, I’ve found myself gravitating towards dresses lately purely for their ease. Opting for a skirt in the morning means I’ll have to find a top to go with it and the perfect set of vintage Levi’s requires the task of picking out an ideally proportioned knit. Meanwhile, a dress acts as a one-hit-wonder, leaving me with much more time on work mornings to think about other important things (like how I’m going to battle the queues on the tube). 


(Image credit: @asos_lesley)

Strappy slip dress may be my go-to throughout summer, though this winter I plan to invest in a few long-sleeve iterations because let’s face it, more fabric is essential. And for days when long-sleeves alone aren’t enough, I'll be layering my dresses with roll-necks underneath or chunky knits on top. 

So whether you’re looking for daytime or evening, mini or midi, here are 20 long sleeve dresses that are on the top of our winter wish lists this year. 

Next up, find the perfect boots to pair your dresses with. 

Opening image: @florriet