This Classic Handbag Will Never Go Out of Style—17 of the Best for Every Budget

For a long time, a leather tote bag was near the very bottom of my accessory wish list. Perhaps because I always associated them with the bags I had to have for work or school, and consequently long commutes and a heavy weight tugging at my shoulder. The options also appeared to be so limited that the idea of investing in a bag to replace a freebie canvas one I always seemed to have hanging about didn't make sense.

This year, all of that has changed. The options are not only extensive, they are undeniably gorgeous. In part of a broader fashion interest in welcoming practical styles (mid-heels and loafers instead of ballet flats, maxi dresses instead of micro skirts), the classic leather tote bag seems to have undergone a bit of a reinvention. The styles are still elegant and timeless, but have been taken up a notch on the fashionable stakes.


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Here's my advice for picking your tote: consider its purpose. If it's going to be your everyday go-to, you'll want to make sure you pick a colour that matches your go-to coats as well, and is the right size to fit everything you need, without taking up unnecessary space. This year, there's plenty of options to accommodate every budget—if you want to be able to chuck everything in your bag and not worry about it, go for an easy, understated style from Arket, Mango or COS. But if you want a refined style that you can proudly carry into the office, consider investing in an elegant designer tote by the likes of Prada, Marni or Gucci—it'll be your favourite bag for years to come. 


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