The Shoe Trend You Can Wear With Anything From Now 'Til Fall



There's one shoe trend I haven't been able to stop thinking about, and that's perfectly pointed kitten heels adorned with mini bows. Considering the fact that the description of said shoe trend includes two of the "cutest" words maybe ever—kitten and bow—I think it's safe to say this style is already winning the hearts of many. If the aesthetically pleasing satisfaction of the shoe itself doesn't warm your heart, the fact that this trend isn't going anywhere any time soon will.

This style started picking up steam early last summer and hasn't stopped since. With that being said, banking on the fact that you'll still be "cool" if you buy pointed-toe kitten heels now and continue to wear them throughout fall is a safe bet in my book. Ahead I've pulled together some of my favorite iterations of the trend for your shopping pleasure. Including the lust-worthy Balenciaga pair every influencer owns and the kitschy polka-dot version from Zara, the selection ahead is one that will keep you looking fresh from now 'til basically winter.

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