7 Gifts for Friends and Family Members With Annoyingly Good Taste

I won’t name names, but I will say there are a few people looming large in my family and my social circle who make gift-shopping incredibly challenging. It’s not because they’re difficult people (quite the opposite, in fact)—they just have irritatingly excellent taste. In past years, that’s led me to shopping malls, flea markets, and the brink of several gifting-related nervous breakdowns in pursuit of the perfect presents for these picky people I hold near and dear.

And while I won’t say all that trouble wasn’t worth it, I will say that this time around, in the name of preserving my sanity and reclaiming my precious free time, I’m changing up my manic shopping strategy. In the end, it was surprisingly easy—I just thought of the one thing even my most difficult-to-shop-for friends have in common. The answer? Really, really good jewelry that keeps even their most simple looks stylish.

So grab your to-gift list and let’s get started—these are the gift picks from Kay Jewelers that I’m adding to cart for these tricky types.

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