7 Gifts for Friends and Family Members With Annoyingly Good Taste

I won’t name names, but I will say there are a few people looming large in my family and my social circle who make gift-shopping incredibly challenging. It’s not because they’re difficult people (quite the opposite, in fact)—they just have irritatingly excellent taste. In past years, that’s led me to shopping malls, flea markets, and the brink of several gifting-related nervous breakdowns in pursuit of the perfect presents for these picky people I hold near and dear.

And while I won’t say all that trouble wasn’t worth it, I will say that this time around, in the name of preserving my sanity and reclaiming my precious free time, I’m changing up my manic shopping strategy. In the end, it was surprisingly easy—I just thought of the one thing even my most difficult-to-shop-for friends have in common. The answer? Really, really good jewelry that keeps even their most simple looks stylish.

So grab your to-gift list and let’s get started—these are the gift picks from Kay Jewelers that I’m adding to cart for these tricky types.

For the Chicest Friend in Your Orbit

For the eternally stylish friend who’s always wearing black (but never caught wearing the same thing twice), you can’t go wrong with a delicate gold choker that’ll blend in seamlessly with her enviably sleek wardrobe. A modern flash of gold is just what her trademark monochrome uniform really needs to pop. Bonus style points if she layers this in with a longer necklace.

For the Cousin WHO’s never without her hoops

Now that you think about it, you’ve literally never seen this one cousin without her trademark hoops. Add to her already enviable collection with a pair that’s sure to be a major player in her jewelry rotation: These diamond stunners will carry her through her festive moments and also work for everyday occasions.

For the BFF Who Deserves a New Friendship Bracelet

You’ve known your best friend for years, and while you’ve lost your matching macramé friendship bracelets and heart-shaped necklaces by now, you’re still as close as ever. This time around, treat her to a classic yet modern bracelet—also available in chic rose gold—that’ll still be around when you’re both old and gray (and still meeting for lattes). We love that she can wear it stacked or solo.

For the Older Sister Who’s Always Been a Bit High-Maintenance

She’d never be seen without the perfect manicure, her hair is relentlessly flawless, and you’ve always been envious of her ability to draw the perfect cat eye. She may be a touch high-maintenance, but she’s the one who taught you everything you know. Treat her to some shimmery stackable rings to mix and match—there’s a different combination for every occasion.

For the Family Friend You Refer to as “Auntie”

Is she your aunt? Is she just a really good family friend? By this point in time, even you’re not really sure. This incredibly hip human being has been in your life for as long as you can remember, and she’s the one you rely on for good humor, a hug, and plenty of style advice. This pretty layered necklace has her name written all over it.

For the Grandma Who Loves a Wrist Party

You know who I’m talking about: the grandma who you can hear coming a mile away thanks to the telltale jangling from her impressive bracelet collection. Stock her jewelry box with another piece—or two—that’ll look as good layered as it does on its own.

For the Mom Who Likes to Keep Things Simple

She may have raised a wild maximalist, but Mom likes to keep things simple when it comes to her accessories of choice. That doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate a little sparkle, though—this pretty pendant is just what she needs to add a little extra elegance into her looks.

Still have a few more people to shop for? Visit Kay Jewelers for more editor-approved gift ideas and start making jewelry a part of your special memories to come.

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