The #1 Jean Style for Short Girls

One of the biggest struggles short girls face when shopping for jeans is length. Inseams vary depending on the brand, but chances are that with every denim purchase, a trip to the tailor will ensue. However, thanks to one of spring's biggest trends, short girls everywhere can finally find the perfect pair of the wardrobe staple. Feast your eyes on cropped flares! Before you knock the high-rise style, keep in mind that this silhouette is just as flattering as a pair of longer bell-bottoms—trust us. The snug fit shows off shapely legs, while the flare hemline balances out hips—the only difference is a bit of ankle cleavage, which we all know is elongating for women of short stature. Flattering all around, if you ask us. But if you're still on the fence, keep scrolling to see how these short celebs are rocking their cropped flares below.