We're Shopping Experts—and These Holiday Gifts Actually Impressed Us

As fashion editors, we’re always on the hunt for the latest must-have items. Thus, one unsurprising side effect of the upcoming holiday season is that our inboxes are flooded with holiday gift ideas. You can bet there are plenty of presents out there we’re saving for friends and family and sharing with you, too, dear readers (it’s our job, after all). But with everything hitting our inboxes, what are we eyeing for ourselves?

Our team of editors is here to answer that exact question. We’re sharing the gifts we’ve added to our personal shopping lists (paper, digital, or otherwise) this year. If you’ve been feeling stumped figuring out that something special for yourself, we’re hoping our own gift list inspires an idea or two for you. With ideas that range from key chains to flying lessons, clearly there’s a little something for everyone.

Read on for a look at what each editor has on their holiday list this year!

“As far as key chains go, this snakeskin boxing glove takes the cake. It’s a little pricey, but have you ever seen something so tiny, cute, and luxurious? It’s the perfect symbolic token for all the strong ladies in your life.”

Book of the Month Club One-Year Membership ($143)

“Overwhelmed thinking about getting a gift for each of the amazing people in your friend group? Ever talked about starting a book club but never actually got around to it? If you answered yes, why not gift each other a Book of the Month subscription? You only have to buy one gift for your whole friend group, and you have a recurring excuse to see your favorite people over wine, cheese, and a good read.”

“These will be my splurge gift to myself this year. I’ve been eyeing them for a while, and it’s about time I finally own them.”

“Doesn’t everyone have a pale pink furry coat on their wish list? Fingers crossed my mom and dad are reading this post—promise I’d wear it every day.”

“Everything Acne Studios does deserves a spot on my must-have kit, but since their shearling jackets aren’t exactly in my price range, this cute pouch is a great alternative.”

“I’ve always had a thing for Wwake’s dainty rings. I love this simple, unexpected style that’s still so elegant.”

ClassPass Monthly Membership (prices varies)

“I’m a big fan of breaking a sweat, but classes in NYC are pricey. ClassPass is actually a great option for hitting up my favorite studios.”

“Something that I forget to buy for myself is sleepwear, so this stylish set would be such a treat to receive.”

“I love giving (and receiving) pretty stationery, as it’s not something one usually thinks to buy for themselves. Also, the marble texture will impress anyone who gets the pleasure of receiving one of these cards.”

Cloud 9 Living Flying Lesson ($152)

“I travel all the time and have not only gotten over my fear of flying but now actually really enjoy it. I’m ready to get behind the wheel!”

“I’m a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, so I love the idea of a personalized ring with charms that are contained in a sleek shape such as this one.”

Scent Monthly Candle Subscription ($780 per year)

“I love creating a relaxing environment in my home with candles; this would be perfect for me.”

“I’m always lured by cool brands that stock luxury everyday basics—probably because I have a uniform that consists of black jeans, a black tee, and some sort of jacket or sweatshirt. So you can imagine how excited I got when an email from new brand Kotn hit my inbox. The hooded sweatshirt looks so comfortable. Boyfriend, if you’re reading this, buy it for me. Thank you.”

“Sure, socks may seem like the most boring gift ever—but these from Mother are anything but with their salty and sweet graphics.”

“I’m finally ready to try the white legging trend à la Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio.”

“This on-the-rise Colombian designer makes the prettiest gold jewelry, and these earrings are no exception. Word to the wise: Get to know the brand before it blows up in the States.”

“These cool sunglasses come with three different-colored lenses you can swap in and out, so you’re really getting three pairs for the price of one.”

“I’ve been meaning to upgrade my carry-on game for a while now and have dropped so many hints that my eye is on this one. Even if all else fails, I’ve decided to give myself the gift of a less embarrassing, much more organized travel routine come 2017.”

“I’m not the kind of person who changes her jewelry every day, and would love something special to add to my usual arsenal. Also, who doesn’t want a little something sparkly to unwrap?”

“While it might seem untimely for sandals, I’m planning a post-Christmas trip to Miami, and I’d really love to take these pretty babies with me. Also, I’m an absolute sucker for anything with a tassel.”

“I am a sucker for socks—specifically glittery ones. I always find myself stocking up on socks from COS because they are such good quality and never cease to impress me with their array of colors.”

“I am typically not a huge fan of sweaterdresses, but this one really stood out to me because of the sleeves and flattering silhouette. If anyone is reading this, please buy me this dress, and I will love you forever!”

“I cannot imagine anything that could make me feel fancier than a velvet robe jacket.”

“You could wear anything with these earrings and be party-ready.”

“Really, anything from Equipment’s monogram shop, because the only thing better than the perfect basic is the perfect basic with your initials on it.”

“The whole alphabet at my disposal?! Oh, the possibilities.”

Got your gifts but need some outfit ideas? See what to wear this holiday season!

Opening Image: A Love Is Blind

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