We're Shopping Experts—and These Holiday Gifts Actually Impressed Us

As fashion editors, we’re always on the hunt for the latest must-have items. Thus, one unsurprising side effect of the upcoming holiday season is that our inboxes are flooded with holiday gift ideas. You can bet there are plenty of presents out there we’re saving for friends and family and sharing with you, too, dear readers (it’s our job, after all). But with everything hitting our inboxes, what are we eyeing for ourselves?

Our team of editors is here to answer that exact question. We’re sharing the gifts we’ve added to our personal shopping lists (paper, digital, or otherwise) this year. If you’ve been feeling stumped figuring out that something special for yourself, we’re hoping our own gift list inspires an idea or two for you. With ideas that range from key chains to flying lessons, clearly there’s a little something for everyone.

Read on for a look at what each editor has on their holiday list this year!