The Coolest Gifts for Everyone, From A to Z

This is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful times of the year, but it can inherently become the most stressful as well because of holiday shopping. Sure, the end result of giving the special person in your life the perfect present is delightful (what's better than seeing someone's face light up, right?), but the process of actually getting to that moment can often be anything but—especially if you're tasked with finding gifts for a slew of individuals in your inner corner—mom, dad, boss, sibling, S.O., neighbor, dog walker, barista, BFF, we could go on… Fortunately for you, we're taking the work out of the process this season (and saving you a frantic trip to the mall) by arming you with coolest presents—26 to be exact—that will work for everyone on your roster.

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