21 Gifts to Buy Now and Have on Hand

If you’re one of those people who always finds yourself scrambling at the end of the holiday season for a gift for everyone on your list—and let’s face it, this is most of us—this is the year we implore you to make a change. Before you think Never gonna happen, know that we've made combatting this situation quite simple: We’ve rounded up a whopping 21 gifts that are not only general crowd pleasers but also such good options that if you end up getting stuck with one or two, we bet you wouldn’t mind “having” to keep them. Think everything from fashion’s favorite candles to chic and cheeky notepads to a letter opener that’s probably useless but such a cute addition to any desk. Shop these and the rest of our early gift picks below!

Whichever of these you choose will make a chic addition to a desk or vanity. 

Flowers make baths even better than they already are. 

Who said loungewear can't be trendy, too? 

Movie-lovers will appreciate these fictional hotel notepads.

Leave it to Clare Vivier to turn playing cards into a chic decoration.

"I have enough iPhone cords," said no one ever. 

Even if this just ends up being a desk decoration, it's worth it. 

Brighten up someone else's bathroom counter (or your own) with these pretty pink products.

Even budget sunglasses will feel luxe in this case.

Store your cash and keys in the same stylish place.

This lipstick tube is simply too pretty to pass up.

We wouldn't mind slipping into these.

Check out more holiday picks from H&M!

Pair these adorable matches with a candle for maximum effect. 

Personalize this frame with a printed photo.

So, you've seen the gifts we're giving, now see what we're wearing this holiday season.

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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