These Shorts Go With Everything (They're Wardrobe Staples, If You Ask Me)

As one of my fellow editors highlighted recently, it is the year of shorts. I’m all for it. Because let’s be real, that ideal pair of shorts is a must to keep cool—both literally in terms of the temperature and also in reference to on-trend outfits. On that note, if there’s one key style fashion people continue embracing, it's a pair of high-waisted black shorts. Honestly, they're a true summer wardrobe staple, if you ask me, thanks to the inherently chic and versatile nature.

And I’m not talking about just one style of shorts here. It's all about denim, tailored, athletic, and biker varieties. To highlight some of the best silhouettes out there, I pulled a range of chic styles below if you are shopping at the moment and interested in buying a fresh pair of shorts.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to uncover a smattering of shorts that will basically go with everything.

Tailored Shorts

The best high-waisted shorts



Style tip: Pair a tube top with high-waisted shorts and slip into sleek mules for an easy and chic look.

Denim Shorts

Style tip: Tuck a lightweight sweater into high-waisted denim shorts for a foolproof summer vibe.

Bike Shorts

The best high-waisted bike shorts



Style tip: Dress up bike shorts with a chic blouse and elevated flats.

Athletic Shorts

The best high-waisted black shorts



Style tip: Keep it comfortable and on-trend by teaming athletic shorts with a hoodie, tube socks, and retro sneakers.