Happy Birthday, Harry Potter—We Loved When You Wore This

I imagine that whenever Harry Potter wakes up on his birthday, Ron is right there to look him lovingly in the eye and say "Happy birthday, Harry," in the same sweet tone he said, "Happy Christmas, Harry" in The Sorcerer's Stone. Clearly, I think about Harry Potter and the dream world of wizardry he lived in quite often. Some might even say too often, but I've learned to live with my level of Harry Potter nerddom. In honor of Harry Potter's birthday, (which is today, in case you haven't already guessed it), I decided to talk about something very near and dear to my heart—Harry's best fashion moments throughout the films.

I know Harry wasn't known for his stellar style, especially with characters like Luna Lovegood and Olympe Maxime stealing the show with their confection-inspired gowns and ornate accessories, but that's not to say Harry's wardrobe was a one-trick pony filled with nothing but his Gryffindor robes. Ahead, follow along as I take you through 10 of my low-key favorite outfits worn by The Boy Who Lived. In case you ever feel like re-creating these looks on your own, I shopped out a key piece from each ensemble so you can feel closer to Harry on this special day. Harry, have a glass of butterbeer on us—you deserve it.