I Asked My Fashion Crew for the Bags That Excite Them, These 13 Styles Won

Fun fact. I love handbags. It’s kind of my “thing.” While I typically stick to a pretty basic uniform on the regular, I always like to incorporate a fun bag into my look to take the vibe to the next level. Given my adoration for the accessory, I’m always interested in sourcing fresh handbag inspiration. Naturally, I routinely turn to the Instagram feeds of some of my favorite fashion people to uncover the latest picks.

On that note, I thought it could be entertaining to reach out to some of the style setters in question and learn about the specific bags that are exciting to them right now. So with that in mind, below you’ll find a range of bags a fashion crew is all about and why. Naturally, you’ll also uncover the bags to shop as well if you’re in the market for an investment item now or simply want to bookmark a style for later. Okay, enough chatting. Let’s get to the bags. Oh, hint—there’s a lot of Bottega coming your way. Naturally.

1. Telfar Shopping Bag

"Honestly, I have so many bags I love, like my Jacquemus Le Chiquito and Amelie Pichard Baby bag. But even I have a favorite child, and the bag that I've been wearing day-in-and-day-out is my mini Telfar Shopping Bag. I love that it's compact enough to carry around, but can still fit everything I need to go out in the world, not to mention it always starts a conversation. The most memorable conversation about this bag started with a woman inquiring, 'How does it feel to be God's favorite with that tote?' And I have to say, it feels so damn good to have secured this bag."—Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, @fashionwithjazz

2. Bottega Veneta Jodie Bag

"Bottega Veneta's Jodie bag is the must-have and my favorite. It's the perfect bag to go with anything, in any situation. Being a big fan of mini bags, it's obvious that it's my number one."—Loïcka Grâce, @thevisuelofgrace

The best Bottega Veneta bags



"Larger bags are my usual go-to as they are the most practical, however during lockdown I’ve realized that I’m going out with less items, so a smaller bag is required. The Bottega Veneta mini Jodie is the perfect bag for style and comfort. It’s also great as it comes in many colors to suit your individual needs."—Marilyn, @nlmarilyn

"It may be tiny, but it's the cutest bag this season. I absolutely love the lilac color, which is very in fashion right now. It's so easy to style and brightens up every outfit and makes it more unique."—Renia Jaz, @venswifestyle

3. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote

"My favorite bag for the past couple of years has been the Rive Gauche tote from Saint Laurent!  I use it as a weekender, travel tote, and most importantly for beach days. It goes pretty much with everything I have in my closet. Great investment and definitely here to stay as its value goes up every year."—Monsieur Coupet, @monsieurcoupet

4. Rejina Pyo Ramona Bag

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"This suede violet Ramona bag by Rejina Ryo is easily my current favorite bag. There’s something so chic about suede—it’ll always be a preferred fabric for me, especially when it comes to accessories. Combine that fact with the bag's sorbet like color and unique shape — it’s pretty easy to understand why I’m digging this statement bag so much."—Abi Omole, @abimarvel

Rejina Pyo bag



5. Prada Tote Bag

"My favorite bag is my Prada tote. It's black, the perfect size, and my 2020 present to myself."—Tanice Elizabeth, @taniceelizabeth

6. Balmain B-Army Bag

Balmain Army Bag



"The B-Army bag is the ultimate cabas bag and my everyday bag. I’m often running from place to place during the day, and I need a practical and fashionable bag where I can put all my stuff. I don’t know what I’d do without it."—Emmanuelle Koffi, @emmanuellek_

7. Staud Tommy Bag

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"I pretty much want every new bag Staud releases, but when I saw this one, I ordered it immediately. The bad news is that my custom version is no longer available, but don't worry—there are so many other cute versions of the same style to choose from. It's just a really good size and the beading makes it feel so special. I can't wait to trade my black leather bags for this one come spring. I'm convinced that a beaded bag goes with everything, even when it doesn't."—Allyson Payer, @allypayer

Stylish Staud bags



8. Neuville Mama Bag

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"One of my favorite bags at the moment is from a Belgian design label created in 1988 named Neuville. I have the black faux croc model and I love it so much because it goes with everything. I feel like this bag is perfect because it’s not too big and not too small either. The design is also very chic, timeless, and elegant but casual at the same time. I can wear it with my chicest look or more casual ones."—Aïda Sané, @basicstouch

9. Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

"My favorite handbag at the moment is the Bottega Veneta Cassette because it's everything I want in a handbag. I can use it as a crossbody, shoulder bag, or clutch. It's very understated and sophisticated without even trying."—Sergio, @sergiossecret

10. Vintage Miu Miu Bag

"I love this bright yellow Miu Miu bag, I'm such a fan of sustainable fashion, so being able to rent high net bags to enjoy some normality during this lockdown is a treat for me."—Chloé Pierre, @chloepierreldn

11. Dior Roller Bag

The best dior bags for men



I've wanted this bag for a bit now. It's certainly an investment, but has strong cost per wear in my eyes because it goes with everything and you can wear either crossbody or as a top-handle bag. It's often sold out with the top-handle detail, but I was able to find it on Rebag.

12. Fendi Baguette Bag

The best fendi baguette bag



"Although I add new bags to my collection yearly, I constantly find myself reaching for my Fendi Zucca Baguette. It has both a classic and trendy vibe, and compliments a ton of looks."—Elaine Davis, @squarepearls

13. Hermès Kelly Bag

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"My newest (and favorite) addition/obsession to my bag collection is my Hermès Mini Kelly II. It's the easiest and chicest bag I own. Tiny, but it holds the necessities (keys, wallet, lip product). Simple. Effective."—Jonathan Hasson, @jjonathan.h

The best Hermes Kelly Bags


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