8 Fragrance Sets You'll 100% Want to Keep for Yourself

I bet if you polled a group of random people about the gifts they want to give and receive, a fragrance would be on the list. Think about it: They’re personal, special, and always smell good. And now that we’re in the holiday season, they’re available in hype-worthy gift sets; you know, the kind of thing that stops you dead in your tracks with its cute packaging and intriguing price point. 

Don’t pretend you’re not easily tempted by them while shopping at Macy’s—we’re all guilty. But once you calm down from all the oohing and aahing, you’ll realize just how many perfumes there really are. Sandalwood or sparkly pear? Berry or gardenia? Our friends Asia Jackson and Franceska Boerman are breaking down the scents they want to gift this year (but also secretly want to keep for themselves) from Macy’s. 

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“This packaging really makes me want to go on a vacation,” says Boerman, who’s drawn to the hints of floral and spice. “It’s the perfect combination for the winter—the fresh florals make me feel like I’m in the sun, while the spices keep me cozy.” As for who she plans to give it to? “It’s nice to treat myself once in a while,” she says, and we couldn’t agree more.

Whenever Boerman gets a whiff of something floral and musky, she thinks of her mom. “The notes remind me of how glamorous she is,” she says. (So as far as who she’d gift this set to… you guessed it.)

“Fragrances are personal and nostalgic, and they always bring you back to a special time or a certain memory,” explains Boerman, which is exactly the case for this set. “Viva La Juicy has been a favorite of mine since high school, and makes the perfect gift for my girlfriends—it’d bring us back to funny stories during that time in our lives.” As far as the scent goes, it has hints of amber, vanilla, and gardenia (basically the perfect mix of smells that work for day or night).

With amber and woody notes mixed with rose and iris, this scent is the perfect go-to for stepping up your daily routine. “It’s bold and energetic, just like my sister,” says Boerman, who says it’d be the perfect gift to give her. “I hope she keeps the bottle on display as a reminder to always be bold.”

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This fragrance is elegant, bold, and timeliness and the perfect gift to give Mom, says Jackson. “I remember going shopping with my mom and her saying she loved how it smelled. I try to remember when the people in my life mention the things they like because it’s a way to show them that you’re tuned in and paying attention.” In terms of the actual scent? “It’s neither sweet nor floral. It’s musky and sensual, almost mysterious,” explains Jackson.  

This is the perfect gift to give a family friend or cousin who's in high school. “It’s so light and refreshing. It’s perfect for everyday use in school,” explains Jackson, who remembers being gifted with this exact perfume when she was a teen. “It’s the quintessential floral scent and so vibrant and young.”

Aside from the amazing packaging, this scent smells like a confident woman. There are hints of yuzu and pomegranate layered over a base of musky mahogany and amber. “It’s sensual, luxurious, and delicately feminine,” explains Jackson.

Jackson believes that gifting yourself is equally as important as gifting others over the holidays: “It serves as a great reminder of how much hard work you've been doing.” And she’s got her eye on this set. “It’s sweet, smooth, and a little musky at the same time. I also love the body lotion. It gives off the same scent with every movement.”

Like what you see? Shop all of these and more holiday favorites at Macy's (aka the fragrance destination).