I Tried to Find the Perfect Everyday Jeans and Found These Top 5

I’d like to say that I’m somewhat of a denim expert. I call California home, and jeans are pretty much the uniform around here. Beyond that, I just really love wearing a great pair of jeans, and they end up being part of my outfit at least three or four days each week. And as a fashion editor for Who What Wear, I’m lucky enough to be able to try new jean styles from denim brands pretty regularly. I have a tall stack of jeans in my closet, and I’d estimate that there are at least 30 pairs I’ve tried in the last year alone.

As someone who likes to have a streamlined wardrobe, though, I decided to try each and every pair to figure out my favorites. After slipping into each and every style, I was able to narrow my essential everyday jeans down to five key picks. Ahead I’m breaking down the five best-fitting jeans I’ve ever worn—including the pair I always wear to the airport.