Work On Your Personal Style While Listening to These Fashion Podcasts in 2018


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In the technologically-reliant society we live in, it’s no surprise that podcasts have become a major phenomenon. Though radio has died out over the years, with the birth of the iPhone and Spotify, podcasts are proof that while the medium has changed, listening to audio is still a well-loved pastime. Whether you’re commuting, cooking dinner, or getting ready for bed, listening to podcasts has become a worthwhile way to pass the time. Not only are they entertaining, but podcasts are also very informative, talking about subjects you may not have considered otherwise.

There are so many podcasts in existence these days, covering nearly every topic imaginable. Thankfully, fashion is no exception. To keep you inspired and informed throughout the year to come, we’ve rounded up a selection of some of the best fashion podcasts out there. Covering everything from the tech side of fashion, to the sentimental stories clothes can tell. Yes, these podcasts consider fashion from all angles. Regardless how informed you are about the fashion industry, we guarantee you can learn something from these podcasts.

Keep scrolling to learn about the fashion podcasts you should subscribe to in 2018.

The Glossy Podcast


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Focusing on the interplay between fashion and technology, The Glossy Podcast provides a unique insight into the industry by exploring how technology impacts fashion from all angles. There’s no denying that the internet has changed fashion, and this podcast does a great job of explaining how fashion is evolving alongside the other modern innovations.

The Business of Fashion Podcast


If you’re interested in the business behind the industry, this podcast is for you. With an impressive array of notable guests, The Business of Fashion Podcast considers all aspects of fashion business by interviewing a range of people from models to editors to designers.

Pop Fashion


(Image credit: Pop Fashion)

What happens when a former vintage store owner and fashion stylist collaborate? The podcast, Pop Fashion. By sharing fun stories related to the industry as well as retail news, hosts Lisa Rowan and Kaarin Vembar address fashion news in a fun way. Both women are clearly passionate about fashion, and it shows in the the way that they’re able to take fashion with a grain of salt, finding bits of humour in a sometimes very serious industry.



(Image credit: UnStyled)

If UnStyleds guest list isn’t enough to convince you to subscribe to this podcast, maybe its five-star rating will encourage you to at least download one episode. With guests like Alexa Chung, Sophia Bush and more, this podcast by Refinery29 explores the ways that clothes can tell the stories of our lives.

Fashion No Filter


(Image credit: Fashion No Filter)

Created by fashion journalists Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley, Fashion No Filter delves into a range of fashion-related topics. Commenting on everything from seating arrangements at runway shows to sustainable fashion, Fashion No Filter opens conversation about sometimes unnoticed aspects of the industry. According to Vogue, this is one you "need to listen to"… say no more.

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