6 Perfect Fashion Podcasts for Your Commute


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It's a busy world out there for a fashion enthusiast. Between staying up to date on the latest trends and keeping track of all the fashion house shake-ups, you have to find time for your own life, too. The easiest way to stay on track is to get your content on the go. That said, why not add some of the best fashion podcasts to your list and give them a listen during your commute?

The trick is to make the best use of your time on the ride to work, and the below are our favorite ways to do so. Each of these podcasts takes a different approach to fashion, with a unique take on style. Some are more news-driven while others focus on pop culture. Try out an episode of each. You never know—you might end up being a loyal listener of all of them. Ahead, check out some of our favorite fashion podcasts we recommend you tune in for on your next trek to work.


Girlboss Radio is everything we hoped it would be and more. In typical Sophia Amoruso fashion, the Nasty Gal founder has created something at once inspiring and hilarious. She uses the platform to interview women who have established themselves in one field or another and who lend inspiration to listeners with the laughs and lessons they've experienced along the way.


André Leon Talley is the host. We repeat: André Leon Talley is the host. If that's not enough to pull you in (although how could it not be?), we guarantee the caliber of the Vogue podcast is just as good and even better than the publication itself. It covers everything from the buzziest fashion news to what everyone's talking about at the office. We're certain every fashion girl out there would love to know what goes on at those headquarters.


Harper's Bazaar calls this podcast the best for the "true fashion nerd at heart." We couldn't agree more. It dives into the latest news of the industry itself by gleaning information from seasoned professionals in every expertise from design to technology. If you're looking for a crash course on how fashion really works, this is the program for you.


In Pop Fashion, fashion stylist Kaarin Vembar and former vintage-store owner Lisa Rowan discuss everything you need to know about the business and creativity of the fashion industry. They even take listener questions, so really, you can learn about exactly what you want to know.


Leandra Medine seamlessly married entertainment and content with this podcast series. For each episode, Man Repeller filmmaker Jay Buim sat down with cool women from the arts, tech, and fashion realm to talk about their lives and work. The blog's quirky taste has certainly crept into the aesthetic here, and we're certainly not complaining—see the hilarious episode with Whitney Cummings.


This writer is a particular fan of the Vancouver-based millennial trio Abby, Evan, and Katie. The three fashion lovers strike the perfect balance to create a program that quite honestly mirrors the industry itself—immensely multifaceted, crazy, and beautiful. Catch their episodes biweekly.

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