I Look at Nordstrom Every Single Day—These Are the Best Fall Pieces to Order

It may sound like a bit of an exaggeration to say that I look at Nordstrom every day, but when you're a fashion editor, it's actually quite normal. Who else is going to give you advice on what to order? Do you have time to scroll through thousands of items on Nordstrom every single day? My point is that I have an acute knowledge of Nordstrom's ever-changing stock, and at the moment, my attention has almost completely turned to fall shopping.

Also turning to fall shopping? Nordstrom's buyers, apparently. Even though its epic Anniversary Sale is still in full swing, I'm here to talk about the new arrivals (some of which are even part of the Anniversary Sale—believe it or not). I don't know about you, but at this point every year, I'm pretty tired of heat, humidity, and sunshine, and all I want to do is buy sweaters and boots in hopes that it'll somehow speed up the start of fall. So let's do just that.

Scroll on to shop the best fall pieces to order from Nordstrom, as chosen by me.

Remember these? They're back in stock!

I'm picturing Kaia Gerber wearing these with a blazer and Converse sneakers.

I think I'm going to have to order this for myself.

Get ready to see these on every It girl.

Get this while it's under $100 (which won't be for much longer).

I'll always love a good ruched top.

The first of many Madewell sweaters I'll want this fall.

The heel on these is making me feel things.

Don't let this on-sale cardigan slip away.

This is the perfect sweater-skirt IMO.

Never underestimate the charms of a nice plaid button-down.

Ganni just made bomber jackets cool again.

Now, you know what to wear with black jeans.

You'll thank me later for urging you to buy this.

So many fall outfits start with this jacket.

FYI: Flat mules are making a comeback.

Pair this with a chunky sweater and ankle boots.

I'm drawn to the retro rugby vibes of this Nike top.

I found you the perfect late-summer/early-fall dress. You're welcome.

Let's all order some cute $50 boots!

What to wear when it's technically fall but it's still hot.

Heads up: Red is going to be everywhere this fall.

Your cost per wear for these is going to be so low.

Treat yourself to a cute new sweatshirt.

Trust me—This will be in your closet for years.