The Jacket Trends Who What Wear Editors Are Actually Buying Into

It's no secret that we shop a lot as editors. We literally scroll through thousands of products every week when researching for our stories, so it's safe to say that when we actually make a purchase for ourselves, it's after careful consideration (and maybe a few chats with our fellow editors). Well, now that we're halfway through fall, each of us has invested in one of the many jacket trends currently on our radars. While our L.A. editors have adopted new jackets that we pray the heat will die down long enough for us to wear, our NYC girls are already in winter mode, and their heavier jacket picks reflect the harsher East Coast climate.

Despite our geography, though, there's a handful of fall outerwear trends we can all agree on. From slick vinyl to puffer jackets and loads of faux fur, we're crushing on endless styles, but it's the following jackets that represent our editors' personal edit of the best. If it's any indication, Gina, Lauren, Michelle, and Kristen all favored ultra-cozy touchable textures like faux fur and shearling while Allyson, Nicole, and I opted for slick leather outerwear staples.

To see which are the best fall jackets according to our editors and get inspired by how we styled each of our picks, keep scrolling.

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