New Yorkers Are Saying No Thank You to These 11 Fall Trends

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New Yorkers have a lot of varying opinions about things. The best spot in town for pizza, for example, is quite possibly the greatest debate among NYC dwellers. Some swear by Joe's, some by Prince Street, and everything in between, but at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference (not that they will ever admit that). Accordingly, when I asked a handful of some of the most stylish fashion insiders in the city which fall trends they are passing on, the responses were not only all over the map—they were actually quite contradictory.

One of the most polarizing results was on colorful statement tights. Some of the ladies ahead listed it as the fall trend they are most excited to wear while others are banning it for good. The bottom line? None of the trends ahead are "out" or "in" per se—they are just ones that have left this particular group ahead feeling some type of way, so take it with a grain of salt and have fun deciding for yourself which fresh styles are right for you this season.

From houndstooth to luscious leather, get ready to find out which fall trends these stylish New Yorkers are passing on and wearing this season.

Ryan Norville, Florist & Influencer

Passing On: '80s Shoulders

"Although I love a dramatic moment, I've become more conscious of wearing pieces that come with a little more ease. Case in point the '80s power shoulders that are coming back for fall. I can just imagine slapping someone in the face with my puffy shouldered dress during rush hour on the train or awkwardly trying to layer a jacket over them and failing."

Wearing: Statement Tights

"Statement tights! I love how changing up an everyday item can make a big impact. It's functional and something you would already shop for every year, so they might as well be fun. I have my eye on these Fendi 'Karligraphy' Logo Tights." 

Anaa Saber, Influencer

Passing On: Tie-Dye

"I'm leaving tie-dye behind with the warmer days. Tie-dye seems to be continuing its way into fall this season, but I am pulling the plug on this widely loved trend. I want to see a new print or pattern come into style. Houndstooth—too soon?"

Wearing: Quilting

"Last fall we had puffers, and this fall quilted coats will be all the rage, from longer quilted blanketed coats to shorter cropped versions." 

Jade Vallario, Accessories Editor, ELLE

Passing On: Puffer Bags

"The puffer bag! They are adorable, especially the ones from Prada, but I can’t afford to take up more space on the A train during rush hour."

Wearing: Colored Tights

"The colored tights trend because I love any excuse to dress like Blair Waldorf."

Jo Rosenthal, Influencer

Passing On: Arm and Leg Warmers

"I hope that arm and leg warmers aren't a trend for fall because that would be tragic. I also hope that frowning isn't in season again because that's a trend I definitely don't want to wear."

Wearing: Funky Hats

"A fall trend I'm excited for is smiling and wearing funky hats. I'm not sure if those are a trend, but I'm going to make it one? I'm tired of everyone frowning in their fashion week photos, so it would be cool if smiling became a thing again."

Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor, The Zoe Report

Passing On: Colored Tights

"I think I'll probably skip out on wearing the colorful statement tights that appeared on many runways. It's a look I've seen others pull off successfully, but I've never really figured out how to make them work with my tomboyish sensibilities."

Wearing: Leather

"I'm excited by all of the fresh ways leather is being presented for fall. I'm ready to swap out my usual moto jacket for cool trousers, a leather blazer, or maybe even a dress instead."

Michelle Li, Fashion & Beauty Market Editor, Teen Vogue

Passing On: Quilted Coats

"Quilted coats! I've been considering them for a while but am now coming to terms with the fact that they just are not for me. They're chunky and difficult to style, the ones on the market are either too robe-like or not the right shape."

Wearing: Head-to-Toe Sweatsuits

"I'm super excited for head-to-toe sweatsuits this fall. Not only are they really comfortable, and I'm on the edge of not being into summer anymore, but I think I'm also going to really lean into all of the fun ways to style them. I love the Madhappy ones because of the vibrant colors."

Bianca Valle, Influencer

Passing On: Zebra Print

"I am not really here for the animal-print trend happening. Yes, zebra print is nice, but I can't help but think about Halloween when I see designers using it right now." 

Wearing: Loose Silhouettes

"I can't wait to wear baggy on baggy this fall. I am starting to see a lot of silhouettes consisting of baggy sweaters and long flowy skirts together. I love this layered look. It is cool, easy, chic, and leaves room for the food baby."

Laura Lajiness, Fashion Writer & Editor

Passing On: Colored Tights

"Can't say I'm into the Crayola tights look. As fun as it is to see it on the runway, it doesn't feel like a practical trend for my day-to-day style."

Wearing: Pristine Tailoring

"Loads of designers showed super-tailored leather pieces for fall, which I'm really looking forward to trying out. It's the perfect way to experiment with texture while maintaining a polished look with mega-impact. You can shop for plenty of faux-leather options, too, so there's something for everyone."

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour

Passing On: Ruffles

"There were a lot of ruffles on the F/W 19 runways, and although I love the look, at 5'2", it's not the most flattering for my small frame. They kind of take over!"

Wearing: Houndstooth 

"Instead, I'm elated by the return of houndstooth as a major trend. It's one that I'm willing to invest in because even if I get sick of it temporarily, it will always come back eventually as it did this year." 

Tara González, Commerce Editor, Glamour

Passing On: Neon Green

"I am really over the neon green color trend. I was never it's biggest fan because it reminds me too much of Nickelodeon slime and all the middle school memories that come with it. I've also seen it everywhere and am definitely ready for a fall palette color cleanse."  

Wearing: Bustiers 

"I am beyond pleased that it's finally socially acceptable to wear bustiers and corsets out in public. They're too pretty to hide! I plan on buying as many as possible to wear on top of turtlenecks or slip dresses all throughout fall." 

Madeline Fass, Associate Market Editor, Vogue

Passing On: Fall Basics

"The classic fall staples I already own, leather Moto jackets, basic sweaters, and black boots."

Wearing: Two-Tone Leather 

"I plan on elevating my leather silhouettes in every form possible: button-down shirts and dresses (not just black!), utility jackets and trenches in cremes and rich browns, and trousers too. I'm also excited to put the two-tone trend to the test."

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