If You Only Buy 3 Pieces This Fall, Make Them These

As we turn our eyes to fall fashion, I’ve been thinking about the essential items to add to my closet this time around. While I have my eye on plenty of cool finds for the season ahead, I’ve been curious to know what the top-selling items are that I should add to my cart before they sell out. To dig into the topic, I turned to Net-a-Porter senior fashion market editor Libby Page. One of the industry’s most well-versed people in all things fashion, she always has her finger of the pulse of what’s cool.

Her main takeaway for what to buy this fall? Cozy (but stylish) pieces. “The common denominator to be found here is trend-led comfortability,” Page told us. This explains the surge in matching sweatsuits that have been selling out in record numbers. Also popular are reinvented wardrobe staples that maximize comfort but have modern touches that make them feel more updated than your standard basics. That means everything from chunky Chelsea boots to reinvented tees.

In particular, there’s one T-shirt style that Net-a-Porter can’t keep in stock. “Shoulder pad T-shirts are great for dressing from the waist up on endless Zoom calls, but can be elevated dependent on the occasion,” Page explained. “It is the upgrade to the plain white T-shirt, which has been a staple wardrobe piece for years.”

If you’re looking to upgrade your fall wardrobe with a few practical but fashion-forward fall essentials, here, you can shop the 3 pieces Libby Page predicts will land on the sellout list.

1. Padded Shoulder Tees

Chances are you've probably seen the padded shoulder tee trend take off on Instagram, so it's no surprise that it's one of the most popular items on Net-a-Porter right now. "Frankie Shop's Eva tee still continues to be popular with customers," Page explained, "with new colorways recently being introduced to add to our collections."

The best fall fashion essentials



Wear a padded tee with classic trousers, a chian necklace, and sport sandals. As we move into fall, swap in a pair of ankle boots and add a leather trench.

Is it just me or is this all the proof you need that the padded tee is the ultimate Zoom-ready top?

2. Chunky Chelsea Boots

With plenty of cool boot trends on the horizon for 2020, which one is already winning out? Based on current sales from Net-a-Porter, chunky Chelsea boots are taking the lead. Not only were they a huge trend on the F/W 20 runways, but they also fit into the new lifestyles of their customer base. "The chunky Chelsea boot has been a highlight globally, with styles from Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, and Loewe taking center stage," Page told us. "Customers have been styling them transitionally to cater to all climates."

The best fall fashion essentials: chunky Chelsea boots



I've been waiting for flat boots to make a comeback and this season they're already everywhere. They go with just about anything, including an on-trend fringed dress.

Add a pair of chunky Chelsea boots to a cozy knit set for the perfect take on cool fall dressing. I particularly love the idea of wearing a skirt set like this one.

3. Sweatsuit Sets

As I'm writing this, I'm wearing a sweatsuit set from the desk at my home office, so I've definitely tapped into the loungewear trend that is everywhere right now and it looks like it isn't slowing down. "With working from home becoming the norm for many, the cult sweat set has been a go-to for our customers," Page shared. "We are loving new brands Les Tien and Suzi Kondi, who do this so well in a number of colors, to mix and match depending on your mood."

Sweatsuit trends are perhaps the defining trend of 2020. Simply add a pair of earrings and a house slide and you've nailed a chic but cozy look.

The best fall fashion essentials: matching sweats



As the temperatures cool down, pile on the layers. A long coat or trench is the cool way to instantly dress up your sweats.

The best fall fashion essentials: sweatpants



Got a pair of tube socks and sneakers? Add those to your sweatsuit outfit and your look is finished.