22 Easy Hairstyles You Can Actually Do at Home

I'll admit that I am totally useless at doing my hair. While I can just about handle a curling wand, I am yet to master a proper blow-dry, and when it comes to actual hairstyles, I'll either wear it down (exciting) or in a topknot. However, we are all spending a lot of time at home lately, so I thought I should seize the opportunity to step outside my hair comfort zone and try something new. In fact, I called upon Adam Reed, UK editorial ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, to lend me his expertise when it comes to finding the best easy hairstyles that we'll all want to re-create right now.


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Yes, jumbo braids and supersize fringes might be trending for spring/summer 2021, but if you're looking for basic hairstyles that you can actually do yourself, then look no further. From ponytails to slicked-back strands, here are 22 of the best easy hairstyles to try at home.

1. Ponytails and Bubble Braids


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There is something undeniably chic about a basic ponytail. Whether they're worn low with an oversize scrunchie or high on the head as a nod to the '90s (one of the biggest hair trends for spring/summer 2021, FYI), ponytails are possibly the easiest hairstyle to master at home, and they look great, too.

If you're ready to shake things up a little, then "bubble-braid ponytails are not only super versatile for third-day hair but also incredibly low-maintenance," says Reed.


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"Pull hair into a high, mid, or low ponytail, pulling out any baby hairs at the front if you want a more relaxed look. Take another hair band and tie it a couple of inches further down your ponytail. Using your fingers, tease the space between the first hairband and the second to loosen into a bubble shape. Continue this down the length of hair, teasing each bubble to the shape you’d like and leaving a chunk of hair loose at the end for a modern look."


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An oversize scrunchie and plenty of texture lend a basic ponytail some chintzy '80s vibes.


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This super-high ponytail with flicked-out ends is going to be everywhere this spring/summer.


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This bubble-braid ponytail is so low-maintenance but looks so cute.


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Even a blunt bob looks good pulled back into a short ponytail.

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2. Easy Plaits


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"I love a simple plait with texture as a really quick and achievable yet stylish look," says Reed. I couldn't agree more. A basic three-strand plait takes seconds to do at home, but you'll look like you've made way more effort. Reed recommends "running a styling primer through the hair… to encourage body."


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For a more laid-back look, Reed advises "pulling out sections at the front to add some natural texture."


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The ultimate Zoom call hairstyle? Bring your plait over your shoulder so that all of your colleagues can admire your handiwork.


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I love how tightly slicked back this style is. Business at the front, party at the back.


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Gently brush through the hair at the crown of your head to add texture and volume.

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3. Buns and Twist-Ups


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"The signature bun can be an easy way to wear hair that nods to a professional look if you want to feel more polished for an important call," advises Reed. Use a comb to "sleek [strands] into a tight bun at the crown of the head," for an instantly pulled-together look.


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If you're after something more low-maintenance, then simply twist your hair up at the back and add a kitsch '90s-inspired hair accessory.


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Mix up the heights of your bun to see what works for you—a topknot pulled high on top of your head looks so chic.


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An oversize hair claw is a stylish way to secure twisted curls.


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Changed your mind halfway through your low ponytail? Leave it in a looped bun like this instead. Simple.


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The loose tendrils and tortoiseshell clip are giving me major preppy vibes. 

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4. Hair Tucks and Slick Backs


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This might be the easiest hairstyle of all time, but I've noticed all of the fashion girls tucking the ends of their hair into their collars, and it looks so cool. If you have longer hair, then it's a brilliant way to create a faux bob in two seconds flat. Honestly, I'm a little bit obsessed with how stylish it looks.


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Another oh-so-simple look comes courtesy of this slicked-back number. Those with shorter haircuts can just comb their hair tightly back using a small amount of gel for an instantly polished style.


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This curly style looks so cool tucked into a tee.


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Leave the front of your hair out and tuck the back in for a laid-back, layered look.


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Take advantage of wash day and brush wet strands straight back for an effortlessly elegant style—no hairdryer required.

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