Makeup Artists Love to Use These Inexpensive Foundations on Mature Skin

I won't lie—a lot of the products that makeup artists use and love will cost you a pretty penny (and maybe a heart attack). But I've talked to enough pros and been on enough sets over the years to know that drugstore gems will always have well-earned spots within a celebrity makeup artist's carefully curated kit. 

There are plenty of expensive foundations that have earned cult followings among editors, celebrities, and makeup artists alike, but I'd like to clear the air and say there are certain inexpensive formulas that are just as fabulous—especially when it comes to addressing the different concerns associate with mature skin, in particular. (Think sunspots and hyperpigmention, wrinkles and fine lines, dullness, etc.) To prove my point, I asked a handful of the industry's best makeup artists to share which drugstore foundations, in particular, they especially love and recommend for mature skin. Curious to see their affordable choices? Keep scrolling! 

Valeria Ferreira, Celebrity and Fashion Makeup Artist


@valeriaferreiramakeup (Kate Hudson pictured)

Celeb clients include: Lily James, Vanessa Kirby, Chloë Grace Moretz, Kate Hudson

The Drugstore Foundation Picks

"This foundation from The Ordinary is definitely my top choice. It's lightweight and the most incredible serum-like texture. It disappears into the skin and has a buildable coverage. I like using a thick foundation brush with a rounded tip or a Beautyblender ($20) to lightly buff it onto the skin. It gives a great coverage, but it doesn’t get into fine lines. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of shades."

"I have always been a huge fan of cushion foundations, especially when I started getting older. This formula really works, especially if you are looking for a product that blends seamlessly into the skin. The humidity that the cushion creates works similarly to how a damp sponge would—it dilutes the formula making it runnier and lighter and therefore more easily absorbed by your skin. If you prep your skin beforehand with a hyaluronic serum, you are locking moisture into your skin, which creates the ultimate base before applying foundation on mature skin. I recommend moisturizing foundation formulas like this, as they are more forgiving than thicker makeup products."

"If you are looking for a medium-coverage foundation that also has SPF protection, this is a great product. It doesn't come in as many shades as it should, but the quality and texture is quite good considering the price point. It's easy to apply with just your fingers as the texture is creamy and like a tinted moisturizer."

Christine Cherbonnier, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Celeb clients include: Alek Wek, Yoko Ono, Megan Rapinoe

The Drugstore Foundation Picks

"I love this velvety foundation on more mature skin. It gives a light to medium coverage, evening out the complexion while creating a beautiful, hydrated look. It doesn’t appear greasy or have too much mica reflective powder in it like some 'dewy' foundations, which can sometimes accentuate discolorations or fine lines. It's easily applied with a brush or with the heat of your own fingertips."

"l like to use this powder alone to even out the skin or on top of any kind of foundation for added coverage. I use this on top of my tinted moisturizer and concealer to create a more full-coverage look to my skin. It's excellent as a finishing powder on mature skin like mine, and those wanting to cover any redness, rosacea, or discoloration."

"A true multitasker—love this concealer and use it on my clients as well as myself! It has a padded sponge tip for easy application. I often paint a little drawing around my face in the morning covering key spots I’d like to even out, and then blend it in with my Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Foundation Brush ($28). It’s a quick easy way to get a natural full coverage, leaving the skin looking even but not covered."

Katie Mellinger, Fashion and Celebrity Makeup Artist


@ktmell (Stephanie Beatriz pictured)

Celeb clients include: Emma Watson, Stephanie Beatriz, Sofia Coppola

The Drugstore Foundation Picks

"I prefer a lightweight foundation for mature skin, and this checks that box. It contains glycerin and hyaluronic acid, both hydrating ingredients to look for when shopping for a foundation for mature skin. Also SPF 50 to prevent further damage? Yes, please!"

"First of all, hyaluronic acid is in the name, so you know this is going to be ultra hydrating. The formula is  super lightweight, so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin."

"I second this as one of the best drugstore foundations for mature skin. If you feel like you want a bit more coverage, this is what I recommend. Beyond our hero hyaluronic acid and SPF 30, this foundation also includes niacinamide, which can reduce the appearance of age spots AND help to hydrate the skin."