I'm a Picky Shopper, and These Are the Sale Finds in My Cart Today

Nicole Eshaghpour Street Style Shopping Picks


Acielle/Style du Monde

It's Cyber Monday, which means that if you are a normal person, then you are definitely overwhelmed by all the sales. I know I am, which is why I went through the effort of rounding up all my favorite items from all my go-to sites a little in advance so that I could be prepared when the time comes, avoid making crazy impulse purchases, and, of course, share my picks with you.

As always, there were a lot (33 to be exact), but it's simply not my fault! The options out there are just too good to pass up—especially when they are marked down like they are today. Sadly, I can't buy all of the items below (just know that if I could, I would—and that means a lot coming from this picky shopper), so I'm sharing them with you in hopes you'll snap up a piece or two. To see what exactly made the cut, just keep scrolling.

So I actually already have this coat, but I wanted everyone to know how warm it is in addition to it being lovely to look at.

So many good things going on here.

I've seen a lot of tie-dye sweaters recently, but none that I've wanted this badly.

There's nothing wrong with planning ahead!

I've had my eyes on these for a while, and I'm thinking it's finally time to pull the trigger.

Never pass up a good, cheap black tee.

I'm a sucker for anything tiger print, but these are especially good.

This will look so cool layered under sweaters, but I love how it looks with just leather pants, too.

I cannot go on with my day until this top is mine.

Can one ever have too many black handbags?

If I still lived in L.A., this would probably be my winter coat, but for now, it can just be one of several layers.

Had to throw at least one pair of knee-high boots in.

The perfect addition to any winter outfit.

I have pants in the same print and material, so I know how good this must look IRL.

These would look so good with an all-black outfit.

We all need a basic black skirt. I'm unsure how and why I don't already own one.

Revolve really outdid themselves with this one.

A dress that makes any season feel like summer.

I've been on the hunt for a good, simple work tote. This might just be it.

Something about this is just cooler than other sweatshirts out there right now.

You can never have enough pairs of simple and flattering black leggings—especially when they're from Alo.

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