Fact: These Products Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy, According to Reviews

For healthier hair that grows like crazy, we'll try anything, right? I mean, at least I know I will. Last year, when my hair was shedding a ton, I was reading up and trying all the supplements and haircare products in the hopes that I could stop what I thought was a descent into baldness. I have a routine down now that doesn't make my hair shedding as scary as it was, but I still have my moments. I think the cause is a mixture of stress and not getting enough vitamins and minerals (and probably some genetics thrown in). If you've done even the bare minimum research into hair growth, you've probably heard of the word biotin, which is a B vitamin that supports metabolism.

If you're deficient in it, you might experience thinning hair. It's important, but there's also another nutrient that helps with hair, skin, and nails: collagen. You might have heard of it in regard to skincare, but it also has hair-health benefits. For anyone who has dealt with hair thinning and loss, this may be the key to restoring your beloved strands to their healthiest state. According to the Cleveland Clinic, collagen is a protein that's all over your body—in your muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, skin, intestinal lining, and other connective tissue.

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Your body makes collagen, but the production can decrease when you get older, which can lead to wrinkles and crêpey skin, stiffer joints, shrinking muscles, joint pain, and gastrointestinal problems. And the Clinic has said that collagen is also a strength-building hair protein. Though, more research needs to be done on the definitive effects of collagen on hair growth and health. Collagen is composed of several types of amino acids and happens to be one of the most abundant structural proteins in the body. As we age, we produce less of it (and even lose it due to environmental stressors, poor health habits, etc).

While incorporating collagen supplements into your diet may not be the solution to all your health problems, it certainly offers a way to give your body what it needs when it needs it. To support the formation of collagen in the body, the Mayo Clinic says it's important to consume enough foods that contain vitamin C, zinc, copper, and manganese and plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. And you'll want to avoid excess sugar intake, smoking, sun or UV exposure, and environmental pollutants—all of which can disturb collagen production.

If you are interested in getting more help in the collagen department, you can also try some supplements or other collagen products. We've listed some highly rated ones below. First, before you buy, it's important to note that you should check with your doctor or a healthcare professional before trying any new supplement or product. They know your health history best and can give you more personalized advice.

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