Amazon Has a Secret Under-$25 Swimwear Section (and It's Good)

Best affordable swimsuits



So Amazon has a lot of swimsuits, many of which are quite cheap. If it pains you to spend $100 and up on such a small piece of fabric, you've probably perused Amazon's swimwear stock at least once or twice. Based on my own experience, chances are that your search may not have been fruitful since searching on Amazon can be a bit tricky (what do you expect when there's that much inventory to sift through?). Sometimes I bypass the Amazon search bar altogether and just search on Google, Which brings me back to the topic of swimsuits. 

In this case, I simply searched "Amazon, swimsuits" on Google, and the second webpage listed was Under $25 - Swimsuits & Cover Ups. When I tried to find this page just by searching for it on Amazon, I was unsuccessful, so it must be fairly well hidden (and I'm a savvy searcher if I do say so myself). So now that you know wHere to easily find an edit of the most affordable swimsuits on Amazon, keep scrolling to shop my 16 picks from the selection.

They may call this marble, but it looks like tie-dye to me (in a good way).

Of course the snake-print trend applies to swimwear as well.

The perfect cover-up for literally any swimsuit.

Gotta have a black bikini in here.

Brave enough to try the thong swimsuit trend? Might as well start with a $17 one.

Neon swimsuits look the chicest when the style is kept simple.

This comes in tons of colors and prints, but I'm partial to this graphic one.

A perfect option for those among us who prefer a little more coverage.

The neon swimsuit trend is definitely heating up.

This feels fresher than your average floral print.

This is a great option if you're seeking more coverage.