The 17 Best Canvas Sneakers for Summer

Summer is all about cool(ing), comfortable, lightweight, and versatile footwear, and one shoe style that checks off all of those criteria is a pair of canvas sneakers. Unlike kicks designed with a leather upper, canvas shoes are typically made of cotton or linen, which just so happen to be two fabric types that are among the best to wear in the summer. Why, you ask? Because the materials are breathable—and what's more important than airy shoes in the warm-weather? Not much, which is why we've rounded up the 20 best canvas sneakers to wear all season.

Ahead, you'll find everything from the always classic white Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars to a pair that's been designed with a fruity pattern to a Kate Middleton favorite. Trust us: These are the shoes you'll wear all summer. Now, read on to see and shop the best canvas sneakers for the season ahead.

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