I Have Sensitive Skin, and These Are the Only Brightening Products I Can Use


(Image credit: @ch.phr8ph)

Being blessed with sensitive skin comes with its fair share of problems to navigate. Will this serum make my skin turn red? Does this sensitive cleanser actually clean my skin? Am I going to break out in eczema if I don't sleep with my humidifier on? You get my point. But for a product junkie like myself, one of the most frustrating problems is hearing people rave about skincare products that you can't use. Seriously, having someone tell you the secret to their glowing complexion is a product you know for certain will do the exact opposite to your skin (read: cause redness, dryness, and inflammation) is not ideal. This is especially true when it comes to brightening products.

Since most brightening products contain some form of vitamin C, which is known for its glowing-skin superpowers, people with sensitive skin probably can't use them. See, as great as vitamin C is for skin, it's actually too powerful and potent for those with ultra-sensitive skin, so instead of brightening your complexion, it actually ends up irritating it. But being the beauty guinea pig that I am, I was determined to find a few products that I could use despite my touchy skin. After much trial and error, I discovered there are actually quite a few brightening products that give me the glow I'm looking for with no irritation (and some even contain vitamin C!). Obviously, everyone's skin is a bit different, but I thought it could be helpful to share the ones that worked for me, so below are the 24 best brightening products for sensitive skin. 

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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor