I Tested 27 Redness-Covering Makeup Products—These 9 Are Legit


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I have rosacea and constantly struggle with redness on my face, which means my search for the best redness-reducing skincare and makeup products is also constant. I've already waxed poetic about my holy-grail skincare products that save my skin from redness, heat, irritation, and sensitivity, so today I thought I'd share the makeup formulas I've found to do the same.

To get some clarification on what exactly to look for when hunting for makeup products to cover redness, I asked my esthetician (and skin savior), Vanessa Hernandez. "There is a chemistry and science when it comes to color. The color wheel has an array of colors which, when used correctly, can balance or cancel each other out," Vanessa explains. "Directly across from each other on the color wheel are red and green. For someone who has red undertones in the skin, rosacea, acne, or any kind of post-inflammatory issues, using a product with green ingredients can help to calm, soothe, and cancel out that redness."

With that in mind, my strategy was to incorporate some products with green ingredients into the first steps of my makeup routine to neutralize redness and then identify the foundations and concealers with the right formulas to hide any remaining rosy tones. Keep scrolling to see and shop the all-star products I found for redness.

Skin Prep


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The number one thing every esthetician and makeup artist preaches is the importance of skin preparation before applying your makeup. According to the experts, this can make or break your routine. Below is a quick overview of the products that help calm my skin down before any makeup even touches my face.

Makeup Products


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