These $48 Inserts Are "Better Than a Boob Job"

From the $6 item that will make your bra more comfortable and the $10 “miracle” item I bought to prevent blisters to the $16 bikini I’m buying in every color and the $25 item you should pack on every trip, it’s no secret we find some of the wildest fashion items while shopping on Amazon. The latest highly rated item to catch our attention is from the popular undergarment brand Commando. We’re referring to the brand’s “the better boob job” inserts, and the product name says it all. The $48 silicone bra inserts will “add a full cup size to your bust line,” according to the description. “Place under breasts for lift, in front for extra voluptuousness, or on sides for added cleavage. Works inside most bras and bathing suits.”

While the plethora of rave reviews on Amazon had me sold, I also noticed the gel enhancers are sold on Revolve and rated one of the site’s best sellers. So it’s safe to say, if you’re looking to boost your breast size without going under the knife, Commando’s takeouts are the way to go. Shop the amazing inserts below plus the best under-$50 lingerie trends found on Amazon.

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This post was previously published and has since been updated.