Women Can't Stop Talking About These 5 Bra Brands

A little while back, I was doing research for a story that focused on the three best bras ever, according to real women, and I couldn't help but notice that across the board, no matter where I looked, there were particular bra brands that received infinitely more customer reviews compared to other brands on the various sites. To give you some perspective, this Natori bra currently has 1083 customer reviews on Nordstrom—that is something to take note of, no?

If there is anything we can know for certain in this world, it's that numbers and customer reviews don't lie. It takes either a highly satisfied or a highly displeased person to take the time to leave a review, so when we saw the five bra brands below continuously gaining extremely positive customer reviews, we knew there was no denying the fact that these are the bras we should probably be shopping, too. Whether you're on the hunt for something lacy, supportive, T-shirt-friendly, or strapless, let the customers ahead guide you through their top picks from the five most talked-about bra brands across the market.

Below, discover the bra brands real women can't stop talking about, in addition to the bras from each brand with the best reviews.