Women Can't Stop Talking About These 5 Bra Brands

A little while back, I was doing research for a story that focused on the three best bras ever, according to real women, and I couldn't help but notice that across the board, no matter where I looked, there were particular bra brands that received infinitely more customer reviews compared to other brands on the various sites. To give you some perspective, this Natori bra currently has 1083 customer reviews on Nordstrom—that is something to take note of, no?

If there is anything we can know for certain in this world, it's that numbers and customer reviews don't lie. It takes either a highly satisfied or a highly displeased person to take the time to leave a review, so when we saw the five bra brands below continuously gaining extremely positive customer reviews, we knew there was no denying the fact that these are the bras we should probably be shopping, too. Whether you're on the hunt for something lacy, supportive, T-shirt-friendly, or strapless, let the customers ahead guide you through their top picks from the five most talked-about bra brands across the market.

Below, discover the bra brands real women can't stop talking about, in addition to the bras from each brand with the best reviews.


"I can't say enough good things about this bra. It's so pretty and comfortable. It lifts and separates just right, I want it in every color. I'm a 34G, and sometimes I feel like my options are only super-matronly bras, but this one provides all of the support and all of the pretty!" — Customer review on Nordstrom.com

"I am so tired of bras that ride up, kill my back, and flatten out my bust. This bra is a dream. I love the way it feels so light and comfortable and yet, gives me the SUPPORT I need. It's priceless," — Customer review on Bloomingdales.com

"Love the wider straps and coverage. Just the right fit." — Customer review on Bloomingdales.com


"I'm not much of a review writer, but this is hands down the best bra I've EVER had. It literally feels like nothing is there and it has the right amount of stretch and comfort and does everything and more. If you've been eyeing these bras, do yourself the favor and buy it—you won't regret it." — Customer review on Nordstrom.com

"With having a larger cup size (DDD), it is difficult to find a bra that you feel like you can wear all day. This bra has seriously solved this issue. The material is extremely soft and flexible, with the straps being on the smaller side yet still supportive. You do not feel like you are wearing a piece of armor to keep your girls together. I plan on buying this bra in the other colors available and to throw out my other bras because this one is so amazing!" — Customer review on Macys.com

"This bra is very comfortable. I especially like the generous straps that don't dig into my shoulders. It also provides appropriate coverage and subtle padding. Overall this bra is a keeper." — Customer review on Nordstrom.com


"The most comfortable and best-fitting bra I've worn in years … maybe ever! The cups are smooth, it has decent support, and the shape is good. The cups fit nicely and offer full coverage." — Customer review on Amazon.com

"This bra fits my body very well. I have trouble finding a bra that is comfortable under my arms due to a protruding underwire. This underwire is set back farther than most and is very comfortable. I love the more casual 'cottony' material too. I will definitely repurchase." — Customer review on Nordstrom.com

"Absolutely love this bra and this brand. They fit as expected and are so comfortable. With no seam across the center, it is perfect for wearing under T-shirts and other close-fitting tops." — Customer review on Amazon.com


"This is the first time I have purchased a Chantelle Bra. I tried it on because it was feminine, lacy, and sexy, something a 68-year-old woman still wants. The fit was great, it offered good support, and with only two hooks in the back, it was easy to fasten. I will buy this bra again." — Customer review on Nordstrom.com

"I love this bra, as it provides full support and is feminine at the same time. I bought five of them in different colors." — Customer review on Bloomingdales.com

"This is one of the most comfortable bras that I own. I purchased a second one because I loved it so much!" — Customer review on Macys.com


"I bought this bra for a formal wedding to wear with an off-the-shoulder gown. The bra fit well and I was not afraid of it dropping down. I would recommend this bra to anyone looking for a good strapless, push-up." — Customer review on Macys.com

"I love this bra! It is so comfortable that I actually don't want to take it off right when I get home. I have it in black and tan and pretty much wear it every day. I love that even though it's lightly lined, it accentuates my natural shape." — Customer review on Nordstrom.com

"This is a great bra for comfort and fit! And it looks smooth under fitted tops and dresses so will be great all day with summer wear." — Customer review on Bloomingdales.com

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