The 25 Best Boy Shorts for Thong Haters



Despite my love for formfitting pants, I've never gotten along with thongs. Trust me—I've tried. But after years of trying to find a discreet place to pick a wedgie (excuse the TMI, but we're all friends here), I threw in the towel and resigned myself a life of VPL so serious it could be spotted from outer space.

Until I discovered boy shorts, that is. There's something about the cut that magically erases those pesky panty lines. The style is a fashion godsend: They lay (virtually) seamlessly under even the stretchiest jeans and provide a bit of a safeguard for those flippy Rèalisation dresses we all have in our spring wardrobes.

The best part? The fashion world has finally gotten clued in to the functional staple—which means there are plenty of styles that are every bit as alluring as those thongs you can't bring yourself to wear. Read on to discover a breakdown of the best boy shorts.


Seamless boy shorts are a styling revelation. They're ultra-comfortable and are practically invisible (as their name suggests). You're going to want a pair… or five.


If you're looking for all of the functionality of boy shorts but with a dose of whimsy, these styles are for you. Spring breezes have nothing on you.


Want to embrace boy shorts with a boxer-brief look? Given the chunkier seams, these may not be your skinny jeans' best friend, but they're a dream under floaty skirts (or good ol' sweats).


Ah, how we love a good high-rise silhouette. Wear these for extra support under dresses or equally high-waisted pants and skirts. 


Yep, boy shorts can be flirty, too. Let these romantic styles speak for themselves.

 Stretch Cotton

You can't go wrong with a few pairs of stretch-cotton boy shorts in your arsenal. They'll be invisible under virtually any outfit and are comfy AF to boot. 

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