The "Boring" Underwear Brand I'll Never Give Up On

Usually, when we talk about underwear and lingerie it's under the premise of a complicated, flashy, or otherwise controversial lingerie trend quickly becoming popular. Although I'm always intrigued by these new styles, ultimately my wardrobe relies upon more classic underwear styles. Though it sounds boring to talk about underwear staples, they're something you can never really have enough of, right?

I certainly feel that way, which is why I'm highlighting the underwear brand I'll never give up on, Calvin Klein. I've tried expensive delicate pieces, but there's a reason the vast majority of days I reach for pieces from this brand first, and that's because of how crazy comfortable (and invisible) they are. That, plus how affordable the brand is means I'll be stocking up my underwear drawer with its amazing quality basics for life.

Are you with me? Good, then keep reading to shop the best Calvin Klein Underwear for women by the categories that the brand does best.