I'm a Beauty Editor, and I Love The Body Shop—These Are the Products I Swear By

It’s fair to say that over the years, a lot of products have come my way. As a beauty editor, I have experienced first-hand some of the best and worst products that the industry has to offer. (I'm talking everything from $3 lipsticks to super-expensive eye creams.) So while the products in my beauty cabinets are constantly on rotation, some very special products hold a permanent spot—and a huge number of them are from The Body Shop.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s odd to find a beauty editor who’s obsessed with a brand famed for its sweet-smelling body cream and musky, teenage-dream perfume, but please hear me out. When it comes to beauty, bodycare is my one true love (always has been, and always will be). So it’s easy to believe that I’ve spent an arguably unhealthy amount of time perusing the shelves of one of the most-loved bodycare destinations.


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When I first stepped foot in The Body Shop at age 11, I filled my basket with Strawberry Body Butter and White Musk EDP. (If you know, you know.) As the years went on and my taste changed, I started paying a little more attention to some of the other products The Body Shop had to offer, besides my go-to tubs of body butter and zesty shower gels. By the time I hit my teens, I was regularly nourishing my hands with the coveted hemp hand cream and borrowing my mom’s vitamin C serum. (I was ahead of the times. What can I say?)

Fast-forward to now, and I can safely say that The Body Shop is responsible for some of my most favorite beauty products of all time, including my desert-island must-have Camomile Cleansing Butter and the almond milk mask my face can’t live without. The Body Shop has the most wonderful way of delivering high-performing, efficacious skincare (usually perfect for sensitive-skin sufferers like me) at a really affordable price. However, the sad truth is that The Body Shop is all too often considered little more than a charitable bodycare brand that makes great festive gift sets for distant relatives. But if you ask me, everyone seems to be overlooking the truly game-changing products the brand has developed over the years, like its best-selling anti-aging serums and expert-favorite cleansers.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s also an official B Corp, so you can shop away knowing that you’re doing a bit of good, too? Keep scrolling for all of The Body Shop products that I simply can’t be without.

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This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.

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