I Bought the "Sculpting" Bike Shorts That Sold Out in a Day—Here's My Review

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As you know, Alo does leggings really well. But leggings are no longer a trend (but they'll always be a wardrobe staple). What is a trend (with a capital T) is bike shorts, which Alo is wisely making now too. I'm signed up for Alo's email newsletter, and when I received one last week about their new bike shorts that were going to sell out, I ordered them immediately. 

The shorts are pretty straightforward and modest, which is fine by me when it comes to bike shorts. They're made of glossy black fabric and have a high waist and a cut that's on the longer side. They're also made of Alo's signature lifting and sculpting Airbrush fabric, which I've always found to be very flattering. I clearly wasn't the only shopper they appealed to, because they sold out completely that same day. 

The shorts are now in my possession and they are sculpting indeed. I did find that since the fabric is so compressive and thick, I probably should've sized up with these (to avoid the leg equivalent of muffin top), but if you're looking for a pair of classic bike shorts that work for workouts or the street, you can't go wrong with this $56 pair. And luckily, Alo just restocked the High-Waist Biker Shorts today, so jump on them while you can—they're basically guaranteed to sell out again. 

See how they look IRL and shop them below!

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