Text Your Friends: My Favorite (But Most Expensive) Beauty Picks Are Way on Sale



I've always been the type to covet expensive things, and if Cosmopolitan ever asked me to star in an Expensive Taste Test episode, I know I would pass with flying colors. (Cocky, I know.) Of course, just because I happen to like expensive things doesn't mean I can always afford them, especially when it comes to beauty products, which I tend to go through quickly. So I stalk sales like it's my job, and hey, as a beauty editor, it kind of is my job.

When I hear that a luxury retailer like The Webster is offering 15% off all beauty for the entire month of August, I consider it my civic duty to A) tell you all and B) selfishly restock my own wish list. There's no time to waste, so keep scrolling to shop 20 expensive items I'd personally place in your shopping cart, and use the code howl15 at checkout to get your savings

One of my favorite things to do as a piping-hot-tea-loving beauty editor is ask the best experts in the biz whether or not they think ultra-hyped beauty products are actually worthy of said hype. Recently, I asked one of my fave facialists in L.A. which Augustinus Bader products she loves/recommends most, and—plot twist—she named this creamy cleanser before the brand's iconic face creams. Obviously, I immediately adopted it into my routine (another bonus being it's one of the least expensive items bearing the Augustinus Bader name) and noticed instant results in my skin's tone and texture, less redness and textural issues, and more bounce and brightness. Like all of the Bader products, it contains the brand's signature TFC8, which supports the skin's natural cellular renewal process and helps enhance the results of any products you apply afterward. I recommend buying a few bottles while you can get them for a steal. 

This is my favorite fragrance of all time, and all of my friends and family members have come to associate it with me. I try new perfumes weekly, but this is the one I'll come back to for the rest of time, and I love that it's lesser known and more niche than other Byredo labels. (I mean, who wants to smell like everyone else?) I tend to like light, floral, semi-sweet scents, but they have to have enough of a base to not lean too saccharine or juvenile. I love rose perfumes, and this one balances Damascus rose with spicy Sichuan pepper and headier hits of musk, Ambroxan, ambrette seeds, and orris. It's floral but far from basic. Friend to friend? It definitely deserves a spot atop your vanity. This is not the time to play it cool, folks. Rarely can you buy Byredo's masterpieces for anything other than full (super-expensive) price, so 1000% take advantage.

Even though I definitely reach for a foundation to give myself a bit more coverage, I still want my skin to look like skin. This iconic oil-free gel formula is frequently used on movie and TV sets (ahem, Euphoria) to ensure A-list peeps have flawless skin sans any product detection. And for what it's worth, TikTokers also love it.

There's a reason this regenerating mask is so in-demand among celebrities and A-list hairstylists. It does magical, transformative things to damaged or lifeless hair. It's one of the few hair masks that truly caters to all hair types, and the mix of prickly pear seed oil and plant ceramides lends protection, repair, shine, and lots and lots of nourishment. 

In general, I am not a body-oil person. But there are a select few that are so effing fantastic they've wiggled their way into my beauty routine. Costa Brazil has a cult following among celebs and beauty people, and this iconic firming oil is the gateway for discovering the magic yourself. It's an eco-friendly formula composed of a cold-pressed blend of rare Amazonian ingredients high in vitamins, omegas, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that tag-team to tighten skin and stave off signs of aging. Even cooler? The brand's founder, Francisco Costa, discovered a handful of the oil's now key ingredients after working with a team of scientists and local agriculturists at the edge of the rainforest.

You could get lip injections. Or you could buy this editor-beloved lip plumper created by renowned plastic surgeon Lara Devgan. (Yep, it's just that good.)

I am obsessed with how soft, smooth, and plush these adorable lip masks make my lips, and they even have a natural, super-subtle plumping effect. Store your pack in the fridge, and after you exfoliate your lips, slap one on and let the all-natural, collagen-infused mask work its wonders. (It's a game-changing ritual pre-lipstick.)

Some of the most iconic and expensive fragrances in all of the land bear renowned French nose Frédéric Malle's name. Carnal Flower, an olfactive masterpiece by perfumer Dominique Ropion, just so happens to be my poison of choice and just might be one of my most precious beauty possessions. (Although, Lipstick Rose and Portrait of a Lady come in as a close second and third.) It smells milky, musky, and floral, and it took a full 18 months for Ropion to perfect it.

Dr. Barbara Sturm's famous hyaluronic acid serum might be one of the most expensive on the market, but it's also one of the best. The uniquely blended formula features a supremely potent concentration of low- and high-weighted hyaluronic acid molecules that lock in moisture and re-nourish the skin for a glassy, ultra-juicy dew point. 

Believe the hype—facialist Joanna Czech's cult-loved facial massager *will* noticeably sculpt your face and give you more chiseled-looking cheekbones and jawline. Want a game-changing tip? Flip the massager the opposite way you think you should hold it (so the handle is sloping down toward your skin instead of up and away from it) so the balls can more snugly hug your cheekbones and jawline as you roll upward and outward. 

Baccarat Rouge 540 might be Maison Francis Kurkdjian's most well-known (and now TikTok-viral) scent, but—hot take—I like Pluriel Féminin better. This delicate perfume smells like a bouquet composed of florals from all around the world: patchouli from Indonesia, iris from Florence, rose from Grasse, and jasmine from Egypt. 

But, of course, Baccarat Rouge is still timeless and fabulous, so I highly recommend you elevate your space by investing in the dreamy candle version. I keep a few on hand for whenever I need a last-minute gift in a pinch. You can't beat it!

When I started wearing this lash tint to the office, it quite literally created an uproar (and a mass simultaneous shopping spree among my co-workers). If you crave length and Bambi-esque separation, this extensions-in-a-bottle situation is the only lash thingamajig you'll ever need in your arsenal.

These divine blush sticks from legendary makeup artist Gucci Westman are, indeed, an investment. That said, if you have the bandwidth to really treat yourself, you won't regret this purchase—especially when you can grab them at a discount. The color range is so punchy and glorious. (Make Poppet a nonnegotiable in your cart), and better yet, the ingredients are deliciously creamy, clean, and good for your skin to boot.

In my opinion, every single perfume lover needs (at least) one fragrance from Vilhelm Parfumerie in their collection. My favorite is Morning Chess, but I've been dying for a taste of Mango Skin ever since it blew up on TikTok. And it's no wonder, considering it's a completely drool-inducing concoction of ripe, juicy mango, blackberries, black pepper, wild orris, black lotus, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla, and a hint of pink sugar. You have a serious craving now too, right? 

My 74-year-old mom and I both obsess over this crème de la crème face cream from U Beauty. (It instantly transforms dull, stressed-out skin into a glassy, dewy masterpiece.) It stars the brand's innovative Siren Capsule technology to attract free radicals like a magnet while simultaneously delivering antioxidants and several sizes and weights of hyaluronic acid to plump and protect your complexion.

Tammy Fender's holistic, handcrafted potions are the undiscovered gems your regimen has been searching for. Tammy herself is an angel who gives out-of-this-world facials that will transform your face, mood, and energy in just 60 minutes, and she's also considered the holistic skin guru by notable names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore.

So obviously, her namesake line of products is off-the-charts wonderful, and the cult-loved Epi-Peel will change the way your face looks, feels and reacts. After she used it on me, I looked like I had my own halo the rest of the day and attracted an absurd number of compliments. Now I use it every single week as part of my skin ritual. (Just follow the directions verbatim so you get the most bang for your buck—there's a strategic process!) 

I'd file this insanely chic Gucci clip under "things I most definitely don't need but most definitely really, really want." But did someone say sale?

Spicy perfume lovers, take note. This rose perfume is right up your alley and so devilishly (see what I did there?) intoxicating. Unlike so many rose perfumes that are very straight-forward, this one has twists and turns thanks to suede, grapefruit, cedarwood, pink pepper, sandalwood, and peach. Delicate but unexpected. Trust me. You'll get questions, but in the best way possible. 

I would buy this three-in-one oil from France due to the intoxicating scent alone, but it's also a dreamy solution for parched, um, anything? I use it to rehydrate my split ends and dry legs the most. It's delicate and filled with organic ingredients for extra anti-aging perks.