I've Tried Thousands of Beauty Products—Here Are 32 I'd Buy Without Hesitation

The 32 Best Beauty Products, According to an Editor


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During my tenure as a beauty editor, I've put thousands of products to the test. I've trialed moisturizers formulated by scientists, serums developed by influencers, clean makeup, every shade of nail polish known to man, and the list goes on. All this to say I've got some pretty strong opinions on which items are worth spending those hard-earned coins on. And even though it's my job to tell you what's new, noteworthy, and worth buying (or skipping!), I also like to make sure I'm giving you enough reasons to justify any given purchase.

If you ask me, a good sale is the ultimate rationale for making some additions to any beauty arsenal. As it turns out, it seems as though every retailer's anniversary is this month, and that means the savings are coming in hot. In fact, my favorite destination for those worth-it beauty buys (Nordstrom) is celebrating decades in the business by doling out mind-boggling discounts. 

While savings at Nordstrom won't be available to those who aren't members until July 28, now is the perfect time to check out the selection so you can be the first in line once the most coveted items become available to everyone. 

Without further ado, I give you 32 body, makeup, skincare, and haircare items from the sale that stand out from the rest.


The Best Makeup From the Dermstore Anniversary Sale



This giant bottle of lotion has been part of Nordstrom's big sale for as long as I can remember, and not a year goes by that I don't buy it. It's the perfect fast-absorbing, unscented lotion to have on deck all year long.

Fragrance trends come and fragrance trends go, but Le Labo is always a good idea.

Speaking of items that come around every year, this candle set is another one I never pass an opportunity to buy. I keep them on deck to set the mood for my frequent baths.

Another luxurious bath essential I swear by? This Herbivore bath set. Unlike other sets, your skin won't be dehydrated post-bath, as the bath soak and body oil contain coconut to keep your skin's thirst quenched. 

I accidentally got my partner hooked on luxury hand soap, and now that we each wash our hands even more obsessively than we did before, buying the stuff on sale is an absolute must.

Washing your hands more means being even more diligent about keeping them covered in lotion. They say your hands start to show age the fastest, but I refuse to let my germ-busting nature speed up the clock in that department.

I am deeply obsessed with how fragrances can make you feel rich and unbothered. This Gucci Bloom scent with hints of jasmine does just that. 

I'll let you in on a little secret: The key to securing your summer glow-up is using body oil. The best of the best, Tom Ford's shimmering Soleil Blanc, just so happens to be on sale at Nordstrom. 

Anyone who's been able to maintain an at-home pedicure routine knows that no amount of buffing can bring back the post–nail salon baby-like skin feel. Luckily, Patchology's peel set is on sale, so you'll finally get that in-salon feel right at home. 

Of the best at-home gel polishes, Deborah Lippmann is up there for me. What's great about this kit is that it comes with nude hues and a top and base coat, all for half the full price. 


The Best Makeup From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Wearing lipgloss makes me happy, even when no one can see it under my face mask. Although I'm more into the Pillow Talk Intense lipstick shade (you can see me wearing it above), this lipgloss set has everything you need to create the perfect pout.

Even if you're wearing way less makeup than usual right now, keeping your brow game on lock is a quick and easy way to pull yourself together for video calls. I'm never not surprised by how much more alive I look after a few flicks of this pencil and a swipe of brow gel.

This set contains what is, in my humble opinion, one of the very best Dior beauty products ever. The Lip Maximizer in particular is just phenomenal. It's thick without being sticky, shiny without being greasy, and imparts a tingly sensation on application. Sold.

Now is an excellent time to invest in the future of your lashes, and this growth serum gets rave reviews.

Behold, the only product you need to create a blurred, satin-finished complexion that's at once perfectly undone and totally pulled-together. 

Any time I'm asked about my favorite foundation, the person on the other end of that question gets an earful about this lightweight one by Ilia. For some insight into why I love it so much, just look to the photo above to see the glowy, skin-like finish I can't get enough of.

I can make a lot happen with just my fingers and a blending sponge, but I reach for this brush set when I don't want to do any work and still look like I spent several minutes blending.

Editors and makeup artists can attest to the fact that Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara is indeed worth the hype. But if you haven't bought in to it yet, I beg you to please bite the bullet and buy this set while it's on sale—you won't regret it. 

Time and time again, makeup artists swear by MAC's lipsticks (for good reason). Their matte formulas are by far one of my favorites, and this travel-size set with every staple lip hue is at the top of my Norstrom Anniversary sale wish list. 


The Best Skincare From the Dermstore Anniversary Sale



We're pro pores over here, but using Alpha Beta Peels will make yours appear much smaller. Real ones know my love for these two-step peel pads runs super deep, so you already know I'm excited about this deluxe set that has 90 of them, along with a tube of cleansing gel to round out your routine.

This one will cost you, but adding these luxurious products to your vanity is bound to make up for the dent in your wallet.

Every beauty editor I've ever known can talk until they're blue in the face about these serums by Dr. Barbara Sturm. It's the science for me!

I've said it countless times, but I credit this specific pair of products for the clear, bright condition of my skin today. I haven't used them in a while, but they truly saved me after a battle with hormonal acne left my face scarred, bumpy, and uneven. I can't say enough good things about these guys.

This is the best physical exfoliator in the game, period. You can quote me.

Full disclosure: Your hands are the only tools you really need to clean your face. This device definitely helps get a deeper clean, but the real magic is in how much circulation the micro-pulsation brings to your face.

I don't know any editor (myself included) who's not obsessed with Charlotte Tibury skincare products. Its Magic Eye Rescue cream has worked wonders on my under-eye circles, and its Magic Cream Moisturizer and Magic Serum Crystal Elixir have made my skin look more radiant than ever. 


The Best Haircare Products at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



I'm currently having a love affair with my natural hair texture (see the photo above for a little curl appreciation) and doing everything I can to impart as much TLC as possible. I'm very careful about supplements, but my commitment to my hair health led me to these gummies, which I've been loving.

I'm on a fast from heat styling, but if you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you that this was one of only two flat irons I'd ever let touch my hair. My last GHD iron lasted for more than a decade.

If you're going to be applying heat to your hair, having products that protect it is a priority. I love Bumble and Bumble's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer and Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Mask because they lock in moisture before I even pick up my flat iron. 

My 90-year-old grandma loves this Oribe dry shampoo to prolong her blowouts (which my mom gives her—how cute are they?). If it's good enough for Grammy and every other dry-shampoo lover with discerning taste, it's good enough for me.

Confession: I've got a flaky scalp. This deep-conditioning mask keeps my hair and scalp moisturized—the other products in this set are also must-haves for thick hair. 

Anyone with coils can tell you that silk pillowcases are a game changer for combating frizz. I personally don't know how I ever kept my hair on point before owning these pillowcases. 

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